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  1. I think David knew you were coming......if you catch my drift Special treatment for possible critics ,very clever
  2. Thank god ! I have confirmation of my table at comerc 24! I tried Alkimia but are closed too! Sauc looked ok but fancied dinner with a modern twist! Will leave a review of comerc 24 as it seems split down the middle from previous diner's .Thank you to everyone that gave me recommendations it was a great help
  3. Thank you Patrick ,just tried to book Lasarte and the same problem there shut for the whole of August!!!!
  4. So decided on Cinc Sentits have just gone online to book as they only take bookings 2 weeks in advance and there on holiday!!! Bit stuck now as i had set my heart on the place looked perfect! Other places that had been recomended, are perfect too but more lunch/tapas style.Wanted a restaurant sit down michelin meal ............. HELP!!!
  5. Thank you guys will take at look at those places ,will also check the excisting thread We go on the 20th and fly back on the 23rd.....
  6. In need of some help from the experts! Am off to Barcelona for 3 nights in August for my wifes birthday and have never been. We both love to eat out and don't want to pick the wrong place as we have little time for error So would like peoples top 3 restaurants, michelin to back street gems! Please help
  7. Thinking of going this Friday. Anyone been recently? ← Had an amazing dining experience here last month, £25 for a 5 course lunch which included app,starter,main,cheese,dessert very high standard and excellent service ,would recommend it before the offer finishes ,deserves a star
  8. Glad you had a great time David , I must have gone on a bad day.I couldn't understand what all the hype was about , very average but thats just my opinion .....
  9. He's got some work yet to do if he wants to reach the dizzying heights of 2008's official 'wa.ker' chris horridge. Even then, he was painted badly by the producers. ← I note that Chris is no longer at Bath Priory (Michael Caines is now exec). I think Chris has gone to Waldo's at Clivden. I always wondered if the two were connected. Another of our local contestants Elisha Carter (Charlton House) has also moved on. Does anyone know were he went? GBM works for some (Sat, Jason, Glynn etc), but obviously not for all. ← Elisha Carter is now the sous chef at Pennyhill park,where Michael Wignal is head chef, Pennyhill Park
  10. Wondered if anybody could help? I'm in the Leeds area next weekend and would like to go for a "proper" sunday lunch... Have looked at the Star in Harome but wondered if anybody could recommend somewhere else..... thank you
  11. Your only saying that as you've read the michelin news release out on the website !!!! Like you could predict that ha ha ha !!
  12. From what i've been told,it may be a disapointing start to the year ,watch this space........
  13. I had a dreadful experience at The Waterside. It doesn't mean I refuse to accept other people have good experiences there. ←
  14. and charles i'd love to be on the payroll of all the places i like but unfortunatley the truth is much less exciting, please feel free to ignore my thoughts as biased if you wish, but i think i've eaten enough serious meals in the last 15 years to have a pretty good idea of what's what. and with that i'd better get ready to go to the star at harome, i know them too so that's another post you don't have to read ←
  15. Do you cook with that sort of stuff at home Calum?
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