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  1. If you're grinding yourself, why would you need a fat tester? 80 pounds of lean meat ground with 20 pounds of fat gives you 80/20, etc.
  2. So are you saying that because you need to have literally the most basic skills known to man, you should get more as a server? I mean, honestly, citing the necessity to be able to read and write as justification for higher pay? Give me a break.
  3. Huh? I'm 6'5", weigh no more than 180, and I think I could stand to lose a little more fat. I don't even have well-defined abs, which are a sure sign of a very low body fat percentage. Perhaps people are getting so accustomed to 3/4 of the population being fat, that being thin is now considered "unhealthy looking".
  4. Bluefin tuna ribbons with ginger & radish @ Jean-Georges
  5. whatsaMcGee

    Dinner! 2009

    Pan-roasted pork tenderloin (to medium) with potatoes confit, braised shallots, and a white wine/mustard/cream sauce. Finished with a drizzle of the reduced shallot braising liquid (apple cider vinegar, simple syrup, merlot).
  6. Interesting how Ripert says in that interview that the hollandaise had proper consistency, when it was clearly more like mayonnaise when it was served.
  7. He was able to reproduce a Le Bernardin dish he had tasted only once, to about 99% accuracy. As Colicchio said, "It's not that easy." It might be a travesty that the season has only one Stefan, but give the guy his due. Most kitchens would be pretty happy to have Stefan cooking for them. ← Boiled lobster with raw asparagus and hollandaise...a culinary school student could do that.
  8. Penzey's is worth the $ if you ask me.
  9. Stefan is not that great. He just looks better in comparison to the rest of this cast.
  10. I have, but it is so infrequent that is does not come close to warranting a change. If it's happening too much, it means that you need a new employee, not a new system.
  11. I would lean far towards it being the chefs. There used to be 4-6 Stefans in each season. edit: talent-wise, not personality
  12. Definitely should have been Leah tonight. She should be ashamed of the way she acted during the Quickfire.
  13. Is this a serious thread? I honestly can't tell. It's incredibly easy to fire several dishes at the same time on the same station.
  14. At this point I'm fairly confident in a Stefan vs. Jamie final (if they go back to 2 people, which I think is a much better way to do it).
  15. Easily my favorite part of the episode!
  16. whatsaMcGee


    Probably because EMP is garbage, plain and simple. I had one of the worst meals of my life there. It's as if there isn't any salt or pepper in the entire restaurant, and that's just the top of the list. I'd rather eat at Chile's.
  17. This show is downright painful to watch. 10 minutes was all I'll ever need.
  18. Looks like garbage, and the cheeeeezy, desperate marketing points on the right side of the page prove that fact. "Ice-hardened" lol.
  19. whatsaMcGee

    Dinner! 2009

    Raw duck breast...hmmm
  20. I think this thread is moot because every Y listed will have years more experience than each poster has with their X. I mean I could certainly say my short ribs aren't as good as those at Craft, but those are from a formerly-Michelin starred chef who has been cooking for over 20 years.
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