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  1. PM Sent ← Don't want to necessarily push for info -- should I assume it won't be coming back? I liked that place.
  2. Also -- I went to Chen Garden on Saturday for lunch after seeing some positive reviews here. The food was the best Chinese I've had in Rochester - quite good. The service we received, on the other hand, was miserable -- enough that if the food wasn't quite as good, it wouldn't be on my "give it another shot" list. The waitress was rude, our food came out in two waves (two meals, wait about 5 minutes, then the other two meals) for four people, and after the food dropped our waitress never returned until it was time to drop the check, despite empty water glasses and such. Is the service freque
  3. There is a small restaurant supply store in Henrietta called Innovative Catering & Restaurant Supply that you might try. Batavia Restaurant Supply is in Batavia which is about 45 minutes west. ← Thanks everyone that answered -- it looks like Innovative is the type of place I was looking for. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the heads up in re Kebab House. A buddy of mine is throwing off the bachelor pad life and moving into a decent place, and wanted to stock his kitchen, so I was looking for some Christmas gifts for him. I bought a lot of my stuff (save my knives, I got those in school) at a supply store in Seattle -- decent pots and pans that you don't mind banging around because they're cheap, but very usable, cutting boards, etc. Also saved quite a lot of money over buying at a department store. I picked him up a couple of the Victorinox Forschner series knives with the Fibrox handles -- good pri
  5. Two questions for anyone here: Anyone have any information on the small building near Culver and Main behind what I believe is an Islamic center of some sort? It has a sign that says "Kebab House", but I never seem to notice it open (although I usually drive past it early in the morning). Also, do any restaurant supply companies in Rochester sell direct to consumers? Only my second post here -- I'm hoping to fit in well around here, so we'll see!
  6. I think there's plenty of fuzziness in the language but many people use 'culantro' to describe recao - the long spiny leaf form of coriander/cilantro and use the term 'cilantro' to refer to the short leaf type that grows in bunches. According to this forum discussion on RicanRecipes.com the recao is used in situations where it is cooked and cilantro may be used raw or cooked. I used to use the recao in my sofrito but El Mercado Familia in Syracuse changed hands and I can no longer find it locally. And I really wish we could get Bahn Mi sandwiches in Syracuse. ← This is an old post, but
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