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    Dined at Crave last night a Wednesday; - certainly the decor has an earthy yet modern appeal to it, both formal and casual dining experience, must be really great at night on the weekends. - for appetizers we had the ribs [basic nothing outstanding, the slaw was home made but i could have done that myself and added jalepenos. mayo was running all over my plate] and calamari [basic, nothing worth writing about and the salsa was just ok. the waitress must know the salsa isn't that good because she brought us marinara sauce too' - dinner Sea Scallops [tender, no grit, barley was tender and tasty] on the other hand the monk fish had an awful gray color, not sure if it was semi grilled or they left the outside skin on it, and while the red sauce that it came in looked rich....it was the most bland dish, not to sound like gorden ramsey "but did you taste it or season it?" and I didn't care too much for the beans it came with, a little ala dente. and no specials at all??? every good resturant has something? C+ nothing I'd rush back for
  2. Lima Bean


    anyone passed helmers lately
  3. as a ridgewood resident, we agree on your observations regarding the lack of outstanding eating establishments in Ridgewood. Passable yes, but we go out of town for mexican, french, italian sometimes, pizza, chinese is ok, sushi is one item we like, but rising prices due to new renovations is causing us to look elsewhere, greek is ok. why is that
  4. hi there.... Tommy....I think the reviewer was cleverly using the colors to enhance the story, or do you believe that lamb should be..."green"? PC - the FG is good, and so is the steak selection you mention, but if the SRI wants the Locals...to go more than once a year, then they need to make some enhancements, that's all. If you want to go there for an anniversary, then it might suit most of the people, i just thought this board was for serious foodies.... speaking of local...there are some good dishes at cafe panache who claims to use local product from abmas and other farms around like the chickens from the place on Goffle road in Hawthorne/Wyckoff as the name escapes me. I particularly like their corn ravioli's they are outstanding when they are on the specials...or what about the lobster rolls at PC's place...very good albeit from maine, still a local source and fresh... lima bean
  5. At first I thought I was reading a novel that tested how many adjectives you can write in one review...no one argues that we all like a scene with a quaint barn, with lots of charm and atmosphere ....but honestly i was waiting for...once upon a time on a cold snowy night...but no, instead I read about the "changing seasons" and "standing out among the browns, oranges, yellows and greens".....since when did the description about decor come before the food review? 7 paragraphs worth and not all accurate based upon the last time we were there... For a first visit, everyone is wow'd...and if you are lucky to catch the specials, then you "might" have a good night...but to Tommie's points...the food is out dated...and the reviewer mentions the menu and the "food fixtures". We agree with this comment especially since the menu hasn't changed in the last 5 years or so and I can honestly say the "menu is not revolving". Yes, the foie gras is good and one of the best around, despite some of the sweet sauces. Heck, we were just at the FOUR SEASONS in NYC and their foie gras was served in a mango sauce and it was outstanding. I haven't heard of FG being served without a sweet sauce so we're ok with that approach and we think it still, works. One of Mr. Egg's specialties is with game and the fall/winter menu so we're sure the Duck was good too....but since it's only on the specials, it's a risk we take when we go there. Curious to know what day of the week and what time his seating was.... We hope Mr. Egg modifies and expands his menu because we want this place to be as successful, with consistency, the way it used to be 17-20 years ago.
  6. Hi there, We visited this market today and found some real bargins in vegtables and fruit, with bananas at .29 cents a lb. However, the rest of the market was on par with other places like market basket and whole foods, however we found the take out food (cold and hot bar) to be below our expectations, and wouldn't chance it. I don't think we will be making a trip there any time soon Lima Bean
  7. the foie gras.....is the very good...agree the overall experience however, is what we are looking for. Perhaps some of these conversations, helped pick things up, that would be good news for us to know, we like this place
  8. Lima Bean


    We went to bolo this week....rating it somewhere between a C+ or B- For a tapas/spanish place we didn't get that feel from the decor and having all Indian help, wasn't helping either. We started with the bolo margarita, served shaken and straight up...it wasn't cold enough Tapas, we tried the salt cod fritters, shrimp with rice cakes, scallop with hot cherry peppers and the pork kebob. Oddly enough they were served at room temp, and not seasoned very well...almost like a left over and the portions were not even big enough to share, they were barely a mouth full. And the shrimp tasted like iodine. Appetizer we tried the flatbread, tasty and the the squid with anchovy and pesto, which was good as well. For dinner we had the pork tenderloin in a fig sauce and the lamb shank. Both were good, similar sauce in each, not much "fig" in the sauce. Trio of desserts were decent. It was an ok night, not worth the trip from NJ,...his Las Vegas resturant was an A+ in my book, so this was dissappointing LIMABEAN
  9. Contenentials new TV commercials indicate that food, pillows, blankets and magazines are what sets them apart from the other airlines....their tag line is something like...what you would expect from an airline. Even my friend in business class said the chicken sandwhich was pretty good
  10. Traveling out of Houston yesterday in time to prevent getting pounded by Tropical Storm Erin last night, I sat in First Class on Continental. I heard my choices from the people sitting infront of me....Jambalaya (HMMMM) or a Ceasar Salad with shrimp (most likely canned baby shrimp with the vein still in it...YUK). Waiting to order...what happens but the person next to me spills his beer all over me...I get up go to the bathroom and clean myself off (not easy in the 2x2 space). I anxiously get back to my seat, the stewardess comes over and says, we are serving the ceasar salad with shrimp tonight, are you interested? I said, what happen to the jambalya...all gone... Well I must admit, I was wrong...the salad was a mx of baby lettuce leaves, the shrimp was plentyfull, tasty and clean and the salad dressing was outstanding. Servered with fresh shaved parmesan cheese..... warm bread...and a pretty good slice of apple pie.... shocked.....is all I can say !!! We know there are tons of bad stories...any good ones to share? LIMABEAN
  11. sept 15th is my wedding aniversary....might be a good day for a hot dog run with you guys....I'll check with the better half
  12. John...and other egulletiers that appear to be talking about my posts being only negative.... First John...we should meet for a drink...thanks for your post... Second, this site is great and I recommend it to many...and have come across and found many, many good resturants because of the great insights from the members on this board. Perhaps I should spend more time articulating those for the board.... good feedback, thanks. While we are just a small group of foodies looking for new opportunities, don't just take our recommendations that many of the resturants in our area are over rated...I recall another member asking, why the NJ Monthly magazine didn't site any BC as best in class....how come that member didn't receive any flack... caio....Limabean
  13. lunch buffet on a Saturday!! what about during the week? that sounds like a great way to try all of their food. we'll try for next saturday. also, where does elmwood park get their water from if not United? LIMABEAN
  14. Hi, We ate there a few weeks back and had a good experience, the wait is long so suggest reservations if you can LIMABEAN
  15. Hey team....I think readers want honest opinions. Anyone who enjoys a good hot dog realizes there are different tastes to suit different people for all of the reason stated above. There are 14 pages of posts here, so most people like AHD, so that's a good thing. Our group of novice hot dog foodies, with less than 20 joints under our belt, have a different opinion. Any foodie will read all of these posts and make their own decision. If they "bank" not going just because of our posts, then they don't understand about food, now do they. We are the same team that after 3 visits, still don't like Boubon BBQ either. We don't play politics, we are not connected to Egullet, we are not chefs, we do not own a resturant. We are true foodies that try to experience all different tastes and write honest opinions. We have no motivations or alterative motives. If you don't want opinions that differ from other folks, then Egullet will no longer be successful. No one wants a forum/board/blog that screens opinions or frowns the wrong opinon. LimaBean
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