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  1. We use cloth napkins 99% of the time and cotton dish towels for messy meals (bbq, etc.). I believe that it is much more environmentally friendly than paper. I just throw them in with my regular laundry - I don't bother pre-treating for stains. I have to confess, though, that I am an owner of a linen rental company. What I use at home on a regular basis, are napkins that can no longer be rented due to stains, holes, etc. Same thing for the cotton towels - those you would see in a restaurant kitchen. I used the "unrentable" ones, and when they are done, they end up in my rag bag. We are not fussy about the condition of the napkin - and it's ok if it gets ruined further by our kids. When we have company, I pull nice stock from my warehouse. Renting napkins is a pretty inexpensive way of dressing up the party and not having to worry about the laundry. If you live in a city with a party/linen rental company - I would suggest giving them a call and asking them about their ruined napkins and towels. We actually give ours away to friends and family - other places may charge a small fee. If you live in Boston or Seattle, pm me and I can hook you up!
  2. My husband loves this one - we have had this for years! Wooden oyster holder
  3. I'll see your Kitchen Bouquet and raise you a bottle of Gravy Master.
  4. Have you considered building a raised bed (or having someone build it for you)? We built 3 of them a few years ago - wooden box frame finished with Trex. They stand about 3 feet high and 4 feet long. I can weed and harvest without having to bend down. They are brilliant!
  5. You can get the seeds here: Espazote seeds I grew some last year here in Seattle - it grew like crazy!
  6. Right, like I need a new excuse to each more candy corn and peanuts. I am afraid to try this.
  7. The PETA video was pretty gruesome. But the article and pics about Hudson Valley seemed pretty well informed. I think that it is interesting that many/most of the protesters in the article (and their leaders) haven't visited Hudson. Perhaps if the only thing that I had to go on was the PETA video, I might have some serious concerns and may stop eating it. I guess the point I would take from this is to find out where your foie gras is coming from, and to support farmers like Hudson Valley or the guy in Spain who doesn't force feed his geese.
  8. If I was going to waste foie gras on these people, I would probably slap them with it.
  9. I used to work in Catering sales at a waterfront hotel. The purchasing guy was nice enough, but not the brightest bulb. The kitchen crew really had it out for him after he screwed up an order. They took 5-6 loaves of bread outside and spread the slices out over this guy's new Red Jeep Cherokee. It was simultaneously horrific and hysterical to see the havoc wreaked by the seagulls. The Jeep was nearly white with droppings. I thought that the purchasing guy's head was going to explode. Save this one for your worst enemies!
  10. How do they work? I know that this is probably a stupid question but do they control the temp or just monitor it?
  11. Does anyone have an All Clad Deluxe Slow Cooker? All Clad Slow Cooker - WS Any feedback on how well it works? Is it worth the money? How well does it clean up? I like the idea of being able to go from stovetop to cooker in the same pan. As fall approaches, I would like to be ready for some braising! Sorry if this is a repeat but didn't see anything when I searched! Pat
  12. I must make the tuna sandwich myself. Hellman's or Best Foods only. Nothing else. Must be eaten with potato chips. No chips, no tuna sandwich. This is only the beginning...and I do not consider myself a fussy eater.
  13. Tighe makes a great colcannon based on this recipe: Colcannon Recipe Very Irish!
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