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  1. On another note. Salmon Burger Wholefoods 7.99 Salmon Burger TJ 5.99 Both are wild caught in the US (Alaskan) however TJ shipps theirs to Thailand for processing and then back to US for eating. Not that it matters for quality since we are talking about frozen products going in and coming out but ..... That made me think ....
  2. Thanks for the hint, based on the description on Cocktailkingdom I am thinking it could be the Naranja. I don't recall so much the look of them but the "clack" noise they made when the barkeeper opened the seal. They were able to do that with one hand, that was what I noted and why i am looking for them. Can't get that done with my Boston shaker. Might be just me being unskilled or the shaker ..... Cheers JK
  3. Does anybody know where to get the all metal boston shakers they are using at pegu club? I know where to get generic metal bostons but want what they have. Thanks Jk
  4. After having the roasted rice cakes with pork sausage at ssam bar i pulled mine out back again as well. Beautiful book, can't waito get into it ......
  5. Hmm. I went exactly the other way. I bought an electric fryer, then bought a french fry pot for the stove, then upgraded to th all clad deep fryer picked up at the williams sonoma outlet. I hage a gas stove and found that with the flatter, wider all clad the temperature drop when inserting food is much smaller then with the taller pot i used before. Am very happy with it.
  6. Carbonate. Take a look at the cookingissues blog. When they do classes they typically serve excellent cocktails en masse. One trick is to carbonate ........ I think some of these recipes are on their website
  7. I buy almost all my food at Wholefoods in Boston. To me the issue is more merchandising related then anything else. Why for example is my local market phasing the cheaper greek yoghurt out, well cheap at 1.69 a small container, and increasing shelf for the more expensive option which is 2.69the same sized container. For pine nuts, they had a huge increase in price for some reason, yet the local wholefoods carries only the organic type. They need to be more conscious, not just in direct product to product comparison with other retailers. Obviously one can visit multiple markets but that easily adds an extra hour that I don't have to begin with.
  8. I'd ask from adifferent angle, what are the 4 drinks any home bar should be able to handle? One will find that you run through a bottle fairly quick, so what gin is today may become vodka next week. I have 30 or so bottles, yet often dont know what to do with them, typicaly i miss the "fresh" component, i.e. Lemon, lime, orange, mint when lusting for a drink
  9. I havent tried themmin the freezer but for sous videmthey do the job. I have been using them for anyear, i buy and stock them whenni can find a special. I wouldn't use vacuum bags other for sous vide so an electric pump didnt make sense to me.
  10. I would probably start with a normal distillation kit for hu dred or 200 bucks from a lab supply store ... The jalapeno vodka one gets done with it, other things as well. Obviously you could not scale this up to be used commercially but most of the rotovap applications that have been demoed here and there are illegal at this point anyhow.
  11. Munich has Schumanns. I wouldn't call that not so much even though it has a bit of a scene.
  12. That depends what you do with it and the state your in. The problem with re-distilling booze is, I believe it can change the flavor profile. I remember from a FCI Dave/Nils demo that scotch for example is "de-oaked", so the re-distillation might not be what you are looking for.
  13. To remove water out of liqouer this does the job perfectly and is not that expensive Google distillation kit
  14. In regards to the little green bud in the garlic close that seems to be a french kitchen thing. When I took an amateur class the FCI the chef told us it can be bitter, it not always is. I have never noticed bitterness before I started removing it but then again I don't cook michelin level at home. Anita Lo made the same comment in a cooking demo, it's more of a habit for her because it was done in the restaurants were she worked.
  15. I picked up a ton for 40 to 50% off at williams and sonoma outlets. That was 2 or 3 month ago, they expected to have itnuntil end of the year or so.
  16. I am a bit frustrated. Obviously it is difficult to cook but what bugs me is that they separated the titles, then just have pictures, then finally have recipes. Clearly for the coffeetable ..... I would have loved to have at least some minor description on the pictures so i know what i am looking at whole perusing.
  17. I love a modernist dinner every now and then ... Yet obviously this is not an every day meal. There are pieces yet coming out of it that truely bridge the gap to every day meals. Wylies soy bean pasta made with activa is just one example. Basil caviar in a tuna or beef tatar another where the herb doesnt mess up the texture of the dish. The sugar thing just sounds like one of these bridge dishes .... Not over the top but incorporated into an every day meal. To me, this is one nut to crack for wylie, adrian and achatz. Make it accesible.
  18. I just recalled the NY Times article, "Fleisher’s Grass-fed and Organic Meats" http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/08/dining/08butch.html?pagewanted=2
  19. I use one of those smaller bags that only has space for body and one lense. I usually stick that into a normal bag. That said, I have no bag that I would carry suited up. I say "No" to the murse.
  20. I would stay away from the classic combinations to be honest. To me, many of the classics like an Aviation work best in small quantities before a meal. Cocktails today seem to something that is enjoyed all night long and many more modern recipes reflect that. There is a recipe for a gin/cassis/lime/salt/simple syrup drink on athirstyspirit.com that in my house everyone loves. In the Danny Meyer cocktail book there are few good examples like this. You can also just look at restaurant menus and copy, looking at recipes in books you will get a feeling for what the ratios between spiritits, juices and bitters should be and then just wing it. Cheers JK
  21. To be honest I find these discussions quite confusing. There is hundreds sometimes thousand good reviews for these mixer on Amazon. I know that Kitchenaid is for some just a design touch in their kitchen so it might be that these guys are just not using theirs. I think it is important that you post what you actually want to do with it. I bought a refurbished white Kitchenaid Artisanal 5Qt just now (170$, free shipping through a coupon). I will make small batches of bread (1 or 2lbs flour) or cookies. I don't expect that thing to fail. When it comes to power rating, I don't think that matters that much. What should matter is what sort of dough quantities it can handle and specifically what type of dough. Kitchenaid gives a little bit away in their spec, but not enough in my opinion. I mean, mine is rated for 4 1/2 loaves of bread. To me this is not very specific, on the other hand they say 7lbs of mashed potatoes which one can obviously can use as an indication. Maybe they have more info in their booklet, that I haven't read yet.
  22. I think when visiting dubai it might be very easy to get lost and just end up with a miami southbeach like experience less the booze. But i do feel it is a very unique chance to experience a startup like this, may it prosper or fail. It is certsinly on my list of places to visit.
  23. Is there a place that serves a sous vide burger? I am doing that at home and would recommend as a contrast.
  24. Is the Addelice available in Ireland? That might be a tad cheaper. Some things can actually just get done with a pot and a stove, or even a beer cooler (Ghetto Sous)
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