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  1. Michel Richard Citronelle can't be beat; it is my favorite dining experience of all time. It's also one of Gayot's Top 40 Restaurants in the US, along with CityZen.
  2. Hi eG friends: I have an obsession to admit.... I am in love with Taco Bell. Some people think it is so gross, but I have to say that anything from that restaurant is as good as gold to me (for a quick, spicy meal). Sure it is unhealthy, but I think thats the case wherever you go for fast food. Any one else?
  3. Sophie Gayot of the Gayot guides now has a blog!! it is http://www.gayot.com/blog It mostly includes behind-the-scenes type anecdotes of her restaurant reviews and A-List celebrity events. wow.... how wonderful it would be to be her !!
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