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  1. Jamon.Iberico

    Barbeque Sauce

    Root beer. Coke is good too, but Root Beer adds more layers of flavour to a sauce.
  2. Those stuffed morels look fantastic. Thanks for the report!
  3. Maybe, but I doubt it. Lots of people don't like durian. It isn't like we're talking about a common food (ie. salt). It's hard to assume that people should generally be fond of durian. And I imagine that a large part of why people aren't generally enthusiastic about it is it's odor. It's largely cultural, too, I'm sure.
  4. I'm lovin' it. I like it far better than Masterchef UK. It's like a mix of Top Chef and Masterchef UK in one. I am totally addicted. It isn't airing in the US, no.
  5. No, not Guinness! Way too assertive for mussels. Maybe if he were braising some short-ribs. I'll echo my support of Hoegaarden as a good choice.
  6. Doesn't the acid in the kimchi curdle the cream? Eww. I just can't imagine how that could work, I'm sorry. I was watching Masterchef Australia, and a contestant put sweet chili sauce with cream and the judges went apeshit. Blech!
  7. Can't forget the classic 80's wonder-dish created by Pierre Troisgros: Salmon with Sorrel Sauce
  8. "Are you eat ease with the evening thus far?" Yep, I'm serious.
  9. I can only comment based on my own personal experiences and those of my friends/colleagues. I'm sorry that your experiences seem to differ. But I agree, the mistakes handed to you should not be happening at that level.
  10. My opinion is that Scaramouche is currently the best venue in town. Considering price and quality of food being put out consistantly, I don't think anyone can touch them at the moment. Keith is kicking some ass in that kitchen.
  11. Toss it in the pot with some frozen peas, chicken stock, etc. and make the best pea soup ever.
  12. Don't forget Susur closing. Toronto's dining scene is ... undergoing an overhaul. Restaurants are moving to cheaper, more rustic fare in response to the economy. The market for haute cuisine is shrinking, and the desire for cheap alternatives is exponentially growing (like everywhere else). The positive is that we're getting places offering charcuterie tastings, braised dishes, offal dishes, ... you know, the cheaper, most delicious cuts. The settings are more casual and relaxed, with lots of sharing, laughing, and feeling at ease. I personally am happy with the change. I'd rather eat at JK Wine Bar than North44 any day.
  13. I agree entirely with KeystoneNate. Considering that the Carolinas are famous for vinegar-based sauces with pork, it seems only natural to top a pulled pork sammy with a vinegar-based slaw. You don't see them seasoning/saucing their BBQ with fucking mayo, now do you? It just don't work.
  14. It's one of, if not my very favourite food program!
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