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  1. Ah, that explains it. Thanks so much. I guess we can all compare notes in January.
  2. So, in the rejection e-mails and on the web site it says there won't be info about 2010 until the end of December. But I notice everyone who sent in a request for 2009 did so in October. Have they changed their policy on when to accept requests? If I want to try for 2010 do I need to do so in October, despite what the e-mail and web site say? Finally, I'm new here. Should I be asking this in a new thread, e.g. El Bulli 2010 reservations? Thanks, Denny
  3. For tapas I loved Ciudad Condal, on the corner of Gran Via de los Corts and Rambla Catalunya (near the Placa Catalunya). Denny PS For a sit-down meal that was delicious and not terribly pricey, try Senyor Paralleda in the Borne (I think that's what the area is called).
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