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  1. A modified chicken version of ROQUEFORT-STUFFED PORK CHOPS . Pretty damn good, but verrry rich and filling.
  2. OK, it's not unadulterated fruit, but really chunky Blueberry preserves drizzled on Port Salut, on cracked pepper crackers. Mmmmm, heaven!
  3. Whoo hoo! a mention of hard-hittin' New Britain! Ya gotta love those Capitol dogs, they'll kill ya though. Off the topic, stagis - have you ever eaten at Great Taste on W. Main? Really good Chinese, and it's not greeasy!!
  4. Found this thread a little late, but WOW! D-town's my hometown, haven't been back for 7 years & look what happens while I'm gone! That's really cool, glad it's sold in CT as well so's I can try some now. Thanks, BigBear!!!
  5. This thread is bringing back hazy, pukestained memories. Including ::gag:: Gennessee Cream Ale...
  6. Milwaukee's Best, AKA The Beast Piels is a close second
  7. Apparently not (Dry was not even mentioned in the "brand history" on their site). Too bad, was great on a hot summer day.
  8. Krispy Kreme just opened a place up by me, the "first KK store in New England!". Whoopty-do. Traffic has been backed up horrendously near the KK store, they've had to hire policemen to direct traffic. I've heard it's an hour - hour and a half wait FOR SOME #@*%# DONUTS. And this is a good 2 weeks after it opened. Insanity.
  9. Those blondies are trouble, I tell ya, trouble.
  10. The dread brussels sprouts. To get out of eating them (we had to eat all our veggies), I would make sure I had my big plastic mug to drink out of. Pop a brussel sprout in my mouth, pretend to drink, and spit those nasty bastards right into the cup. I thought myself quite clever...
  11. SuzanneF, I'm shocked. I would hate to see you when you are trying! Malawry has been kind enough to share her learning experiences with us all. There is no need to attack her in such a condescending way, especially before you had all of the facts. You should have expressed your concerns much more tactfullly than that. (edit:sp.error)
  12. Tried looking it up for ya, all I could find is that it's a ginger schnapps (Ingwer Schnaps). I guess it contains whatever is in any schnapps (gag, I hate schnapps), plus ginger. Would super-concentrated ginger burn like that? (There was a german website about hot peppers, where someone asked if Ratzeputz has hot peppers in it, but the moderator basically told her to fuck off, so apparently it does not have hot pepper-like ingredients...)
  13. FSU grants at work? I went to the wrong school... Tequila Sunrise is gorgeous!! (they also have various foodstuffs pics in the photo gallery, pretty neat)
  14. Man, you guys can beat a horse til it's a nothing but a big smear on the ground! (I'm not complaining, mind you-I'm fascinated).
  15. I choose the humble button mushroom. (Yes, there are better mushrooms, but I don't use them as frequently).
  16. Did you notice they're not allowed a last cigarette though??? That is just plain mean!
  17. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Victoria Brand--their Vodka sauce is very good, all their sauces are all-natural. And Barilla Green & Black Olive (aka puttanesca) is really good for a chunky pizza sauce...
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