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  1. Gingerbeer, I just wanted to echo everyone else's sensible advice: this guy doesn't sound merely uninterested, he sounds like he's highly annoyed by your love and appreciation of food. Why do you want to seriously invest your time and energies in converting him? Frankly, based on what you have said, he doesn't even sound like a nice person, much less a food-lover. If this was just a situation where the guy has no palate and was raised on frozen/canned food, it would be one thing. But for him to belittle and insult your interests (and your attempts to broaden his horizons) is disturbing, and no one should have to put up with that. As for my SO, I am very lucky to have someone who loves food, but has no idea how to cook. So whenever I make even the simplest thing for him, he acts as if I just invented fire or something. It is really gratifying to share my interest in food with him, because he's so open to trying new things and is appreciative of it. I should note that he's even becoming much better and more confident in the kitchen, which has been really fun for me to see.
  2. Thank you, Darienne and Andy. I will have to try it and report back.
  3. Beautiful results, Sararwelch! I have a question that is related to the topic: is it possible to make glacee apricots by starting with dried apricots? Is it a bad idea? If so, why? Thanks in advance.
  4. Great topic! I will eat more oysters. I will make a five layer coconut cake from scratch. I will find real Madagascar vanilla, and splurge on it. I will learn how to truss poultry. I will teach my boyfriend to make anything he wants, and to feel more comfortable with his abilities in the kitchen. I will read The United States of Arugula, and more cookbooks than you can shake a stick at.
  5. Shoom

    Perfect Roast Potatoes

    That's an interesting idea, since that's likely to be more available, but for some reason, it just doesn't sound as appetizing. That may be just my own weird gut reaction.
  6. Shoom

    Perfect Roast Potatoes

    I don't think anyone here is going to argue that vegetable oil is not the best conduit for roasting potatoes, or anything, for that matter.
  7. For those of you who have eaten at Komi, how is the degustazione menu structured? I am confused by the dinner menu available on the website (not the least of which because I can't actually read the handwriting). I would like to try it, but $90 seems a little over-priced for a two-course tasting, unless I am reading the menu entirely wrong.
  8. Shoom

    Dinner! 2008

    Tupac, that looks incredible. Is that a pork belly cut?
  9. Swiss cheese and caramelized onion on whole wheat, grilled, is a good one. Or, dense white bread with sharp cheddar, with Major Grey's chutney.
  10. Shoom

    Perfect Roast Potatoes

    Olive oil is best for roasting, in my opinion. Goose fat is better if you are frying the potatoes on the stove top, or making rosti. Honestly, who is going to say no to a roasted potato, regardless of the fat vehicle? Also, can you make the potatoes on site, instead of traipsing across town with them? A reheated roasted potato is the worst thing on earth.
  11. I finished The Devil in the Kitchen over the weekend. Highly entertaining, especially the stories about his fall-out with Gordon Ramsey, who seems like a total wanker.
  12. I grew up near Staunton, Virginia and have been to Rowe's many a times - your post brought back great memories, Maggie. If you ever get the chance to go to the restaurant, you have to try the coconut cream or banana cream pies. Rowe's is downright famous for their pies.
  13. Just to make sure I understand you correctly (and before I start hyperventilating), all of the scallops that are sitting in a mass grocer's case have been treated with this chemical salt solution? Does it help to rinse them before cooking, or does the solution permeate the scallops throughout?
  14. It always amazes me to hear people say: "Central is nice, but it's not Citronelle." Really? Why would you expect them to be comparable? Not only are the price points vastly different, but the concepts behind both places are wholly unique. I wouldn't go to the Bouchon in The Venetian and sigh about how it just wasn't quite like the French Laundry. I think that entire line of thought is just unreasonable, and a restaurant should be judged independently from its umbrella subsidiaries. That being said, I think Central is fabulous for what it is: an upscale neighborhood restaurant with a fantastic menu, solid classics (my God - that lamb shank, the friend chicken, the faux gras!), and good service. Someplace where you can go with clients for a long lunch or with friends on a Saturday night to treat yourself. Save the engagement ring for Citronelle.
  15. Mamshit Park, eh? I've had nothing of consequence so far, but I intend to go home and make Bill Granger's caramel chicken with brown rice and fresh broccoli, which is likely to be the most palatable thing of the day. It certainly is not going to be the Russel Stover "Maple Creme" I just choked down at the office.
  16. Wait, you tried to slaughter piglets by severing the jugular without (sorry for the pun) hog-tying them first? Why? In the U.S., I've only witnessed pig slaughter with a .22 at close range. In ye olde country, when I was a kid, hogs were hog-tied, slit, and hung up for bleeding from the rafters.
  17. I agree in that it is unlikely that the position will go to a high-profile or "celebrity" chef, but I think Eric Ziebold (from DC's Cityzen) would be a guarantee for four years of delicious eating. Personally, I'd love to see Hiroyuki Sakai in there, but I have a flair for the dramatic.
  18. I went to the Museu de la Xocolata in Barcelona a couple of years ago, and they sold some excellent churros and hot chocolate in their cafe. Aside from several mystifying exhibits featuring chocolate Catalan propaganda, it was a worthwhile stop.
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