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  1. I've given the home made grenadine a go using the simmer seeds in water, strain and then make a simple syrup. Was good, much better than store bought. I'm in Australia and have started looking about for Pomegranate juice. Has anyone tried either of the following products? Pom Wonderful Found Organic Pomegranates are $5 each at the moment so the juice looks like a good option. Damien
  2. Has anyone tried the new New Zeland vodka 26000?? I'd a small taste and it is very smooth but not sure if that is due to the addition of glycerin or minerals in the water. Would be interested to see what you think if you have tated it.
  3. Nicks in Melbourne stock Cherry Heering - https://www.nicks.com.au/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductId=474717
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