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  1. does anyone know of a place in paris where i can find (live, preferrably, but i'd be interested in frozen as well): -crawfish/écrevisse -small crabs (etrilles) ? and if there is a season, that would be good information as well. thanks!
  2. Does anyone know where I could find a non-enameled cast-iron skillet in Paris? Doing so is more difficult than I thought.
  3. My family has several sugar cane farmers, and they seem to agree with this theory.
  4. Can anyone direct me to some resources or provide insight on obtaining scholarships, grants, loans, or other financial aid for a US Citizen to attend culinary school in Paris. If anyone knows how this is typically done, that would be helpful. It seems easier to find info financial aid for US citizens to attend "regular" school in Paris or for US citizens to attend culinary school in the US. It seems the combination of international and the type of school rules out lots of options. Thanks!
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