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  1. hello people, does any one know how i could go about my own caramelised pearl barkley ( this and this ) i am hoping for this 6082628116_9c13e50f77_n.jpgCaramelised apple parfait , Bramley apple jelly and sorbet , pearl barley by sped98, on Flickr


    i am thinking, a few ways


    soak them,  then cook them in sweet water, dry them and then fry them.




    soak them, cook them, and then cook in a mix of water and sugar whist moving it around in a pan until it   is crystallised and then keep going t o get a light brown finidh





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  2. smashing place this is, there are endless burger places popping up in london and they are different, james and sandia have a cool place to eat and a serious place (kitchen table) out back, the hot dogs make the money and kitchen table does the proper food, have a read about james knappet and sandia chang (they have worked for noma, ramsey, wearing, williams, keller)

  3. we get your students in to work with us at the ritz, some are really good, some not, my feeling`s are if you have that much money go for it, you will learn loads of thing that restaurant`s and hotels might not, from my understanding its lots of money.

    when you say this route???? do you want to become a pastry chef??? if so then i would say no, get into a good place, and start at the bottom, i take it you have some knowledge in pastry as your on here, do an apprenticeship in pastry, the outlay you would of made on a school will make up for the poor pay us chefs get :raz:

    it really depends on what you want, to work as a chef, or just learn more about what you enjoy.

  4. right please bear with me, my maths suck, at work anmd everywhere i have worked we have always used bronze leaves, but a while ago we get a box of gold in, did`t know how to use it.

    right if i make something that needs 100g of bronze how much silver or gold would it take???

    sorry for asking.


  5. no i know what sweet corn is, but on the michael laiskonis blog he makes corn sorbet, i just, plus few times i`ve seen Americans use corn in desserts, just wondered if it was sweet corn or what.

  6. hello, right i read a lot on here and a few other American web site abouts "corn" do they mean sweet corn????

    also what is corn syrup???

    thanks people,


  7. look thing is with souffles some can hold for a while and some don`t.

    depends on the base you have, when we make souffles for DJ from cap fruit puree most hold for an hour or so but for our ALC souffle`s like yuzu, passion fruit, orange and other they don`t hold well at all.

    so unless some one know`s your souffle`s really help we can`t help

    do you have a machine to whip the whites????

    if you do you don`t have a problem because you can have the base ready in a plastic pot to microwave it, with the whites and sugar all ready to go.

    to make them should take 4-8 mins depending on how many.

    plus i am sure you guest`s would rather wait a few min`s more for a well done souffle.

    tell you what make 4 souffle now. and cook them 10 mins apart and see how the 1st and last one`s come out. and then you`ll have a much better idea.

  8. Hello Formula400,

    How do you make both of those flavors of creme brulee? Tonka brulee or cocoa gru brulee? Is the Tonka...vanilla? And what is cocoa gru?

    Thanks and have a great day,

    hello, sorry about the late reply but here goes

    Tonka, tastes like vanilla and spice.



    grate it in to you liquid and bring to the boil, add yolks and sugar and pass, cook out.

    about 3 or 4 beans per 1ltr, or as u like

    Valrhona grue de cocoa is the husk of the cocoa bean,

    again about 250g in to your liquid and infuse. we make a grue brislet, cook that and then infuse that into liquid and make brulee`s/parfaits, mousse.......

  9. this is from my work, try it and tell me what you think.



    160g Ground almonds

    100g Soft flour

    300g Icing sugar

    250g Beurre noissette

    240g Egg whites

    4g 4 Spice


    Make the beurre noissette: Heat your pan till hot and add butter, cook until brown and has a nutty aroma.(whisk constantly)

    Mix the almonds, soft flour, icing sugar and 4 spice together.

    Add the egg whites.

    Add the beurre noissette and mix.

  10. how we do them at work

    cut a tiny bit of the banana off (skin on just not through to the banana its self)

    slice then and lay on a slipat, some times we dust with icing sugar, but this caramelise`s slightly, stick them in the oven at 97ºC and they be nice and dry.

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