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  1. I just passed this place the other day. Here is their website http://farmbistro.com/home.aspx .The sign outside said they also deliver now. I hope to check it out soon.
  2. I'm curious why you would respect hunting with a bow and arrow more than a rifle or shotgun. My guess would be that you are causing far more pain to the animal with an arrow. You'd also be more likely to just wound and not kill. I would tend think a rifle would give a better chance at a cleaner, faster kill. I have absolutely no problem with hunting if you are going to eat the meat.
  3. When exactly did she convey this? The whole idea behind her show is weekday cooking. I'll also spend hours in the kitchen on weekends, but during the week with kids to feed? Not gonna happen.
  4. Thanks for those. Chengdu 1 (sichuan) is good, but quite different from C46.
  5. I called Murray's Cheese in NYC and they said they could no longer import reblochon. They recommended Abbaye de Citeaux as a replacement.
  6. a google of "digital distractions" may help you... ← I don't remember DD having those shows, but I'm not sure now. You can also google "kitchen nightmares torrent".
  7. The link has all the details, but the address is 26 Belleville Ave.
  8. I pass by this place every day, but just noticed a sign that they now deliver ($15 minimum). I checked it out after reading all of the glowing reviews on Baristanet. The chicken in red curry was very good. My wife liked the pad thai, but I'm not a huge fan of that dish to begin with. The awning has since changed, and they did away with that Italian food option gimmick (although they still list some Italian dishes on the menu). The owner indeed seems very nice and I would recommend ordering or stopping by if you live in the area.
  9. Is there a reason they're not making the ribs the same way they make them at Silver Oak Bistro? The ribs at S.O.B. were probably the best I've ever had, but the ones done at Bourbon were a different style...barely any char. They were still very tasty, but I don't see why they wouldn't use the same method for Bourbon. Just curious....
  10. If you've only been there for the brunch and have not ordered off the menu (and mainly the printed specials menu), then you're really missing out on what this place has to offer.
  11. No, you're not overreacting. I agree; everyone deserves the same service. There was a (mildly-heated) thread about this topic a few months ago; suffice to say it seems I'm in the minority point of view (at least compared to the other egullet members who posted.) Nevertheless, I try not to patronize restaurants that do this. ← But they're not serving fried noodles to non-Asians to stiff them or give them inferior food...it's because they think that they prefer them over seaweed. If you go there enough and request the seaweed every time, they will remember.
  12. I'm happy to report that China 46 finally has a printed page of the specials that they are handing out with the regular menu. And the food is as good as ever.
  13. So now we have 11:00 - 12:00, 4:00 - 1:00, and my experience, which was to find them closed at lunch with the etchings on the door reading 5:00 - 12:00. All very confusing. I don't want to write them off yet, since they're new and the menu sounds good, but agreed...not the best way to start a new business.
  14. Yes, he had whole fish. Not sure if they were gutted...I would imagine he would do so for you if not.
  15. It's a very good fish market for the area. Somewhat limited selection, but everything he had looked very fresh. He also has some less common fish types, like branzino. Give it a shot.
  16. I tried going to the Bloomfield market 2 weeks ago...no sign whatsoever that there is or would be a market there. Didn't know they were supposed to be closed all year, but it certainly seems that way.
  17. For the most part we've given up on trying to grow any kind of Heirloom tomato outside. You really need a year-long tomato growing season like in the South to be able to grow them effectively, or you need a greenhouse, where pretty much all of the heirlooms you buy in the Farmers Markets in NJ come from. I think we have two heirloom varietals growing, the Brandywine and one other, but I'm not keeping my hopes up for them in terms of yeild. The various Burpee hybrid types really do tend to do the best in our climate. ← I bought 6 different heirloom seedling varieties from Catalpa Ridge Farm and they're all doing quite well. They're in the ground, not in pots, though. Just sayin'....
  18. Im still looking for someone who has benn to the Bloomfield Ave. BBQ in Newark. Can anyone helpp? Thanks ← There are many good Brazilian BBQ places in Newark, but I'm fairly sure there is not one with this name. Why don't you do a forum search for Brazilian rodizio places?
  19. Don't know about fish, but Seabra's is the place to go for pork. They raise their own pigs and never inject it with tenderizers like some supermarkets. Rich, try the one in Kearny on Schuyler Ave. if you don't want to go to Newark....same items, and I've never had an issue with the cleanliness.
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