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  1. Harwood is struggling to deal with its success. Had some great meals there pre Michelin star but since they received that accolade the service has gone downhill massively (in particular there is a very snotty French woman) and the kitchen is not as on its game as it was.
  2. Sale e Pepe on Marco is the best restaurant on the island. It is a decent Italian with a great location, good wine list and pro staff. I took my mother for her birthday last year and we had a good time. I can't recommend anywhere else on the island at all.
  3. Absolutely right about the olives. I went last Thursday (the 17th). We were a party of 6 from the UK. It was an extraordinary meal and a great time was had by all.
  4. I'm off to Bruges/Brugge on Wednesday + family for a short stay. Can anyone recommend some great places to eat or point me to a comprehensive thread. Regards Adrian
  5. The answer to this is (I think) pretty straightforward. The restaurant trade is by its very nature seasonal and this is the low season (apart from the Valentine's day this month and mother's day next month). After Xmas most punters need a break from overindulgence (clearly this doesn't apply to some egulleteers) and many are skint especially after January's tax bill (this applies to me!). Things will pick up in the spring. I work in restaurants/nightclubs/theatres between 4 and 7 times a week and see this every year. Personally I'm waiting to see if and when Joel Robuchon opens his London l'Atelier to show Atherton/Ramsay how it should be done.
  6. Thanks for the advice and the links to the threads. They are extremely useful ( as usual) and no I'm not going by Eurostar but driving. I'm very interested in exploring the ethnic food scene in Paris as well as seeing if I can sneak a table @ one of the top end places so I think it is going tombe a lot of fun.
  7. I'm going out with my family (wife, 2 relatively civilised teens, a 3 year old and my mum) to Paris this weekend and am looking for suggestions for high quality family friendly restaurants and food shops/markets in the 10th. Suggestions gratefully received. Thanks adrian
  8. I can't say I'm suprised. Having gone there for my last birthday courtesy of an egullet competition freebie I was shocked by the service (an hour between courses!), the ill-thought out concept (DJs in the upstairs bar, the sound reverberating through the downstairs restaurant) and average food.
  9. Andy,I had the croque monsieur and was rather underwhelmed by it. In a sense it typified my feelings about GRs style in that it was rather bland and lacking in the wit, adventure and intensity of taste that Heston B might have brought to the dish.
  10. Busboy However bad it was for you let me assure you that for us non-accredited mortals who were officially not allowed to bring in our own supplies the experience was even worse. I don't/can't eat McDs and the other outlet provided food of such awfulness that on one occasion @ OAKA I broke into the volunteers restaurant with one of my daughters and at least got a Greek salad. The games have been fantastic; the weather, venues, renewed infrastructure and level of competition combining to create a fantastic experience, however when I tried to complain, specifically about lack of provision for non-meat eaters, it turned out that there was no outlet for this. Apperently the games is actually run by a US corporation. The food provided was similar to that one might get at a ball game and not suited to either the local population or the global tourist mix.
  11. Thanks for that Anthony, I'll check out the website. Regards Adrian
  12. Can anyone suggest somewhere suitable for my mum's 70th birthday in or around Athens. We wil be up to 20 people, Greeks and British with a very wide age -range, and I want somewher with a great food/atmosphere and view. Thanks, Adrian.
  13. Fat Duck gossip. The pub they bought next door will continue as a pub but will give them more prepatation space. New a la carte menu in 2 weeks according to the Maitre d. I went for the first time last week and had all of Heston's greatest hits. For me it is a very British take on the MG approach using nostalgia and humour as a frame for fantastic cooking. I had a great time.
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