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  1. My husband has ordered a "Fine T" brewing machine for my birthday. I hadn' heard about one of these before and am wondering if it is worth the nearly $400 it is going to cost? Any advice? thank you...
  2. I am rather new to all these varieties of tea. It is wonderful to read all your logs about this. Last night I was drinking a Tisane brewed for 10 minutes in my Bodum Assam tea press; this morning however I am drinking Yunnan - Golden Extra Fancy Long Leaf Supreme from www.zoomdweebies.com . Our tea supplies are rather limited here, so I found this website and have been ordering my loose leaf teas ever since. Is it wrong that I enjoy flavored black teas as well? I like vastly different teas, however, I intend to begin to experiment with some of the teas I am finding mentioned here. Thank
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