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  1. Mine is: "Ok what could happen?" Oh and this one: "they’re [the ladyfingers] bent over at the waist like sad little swooning ladies."
  2. She's quite special indeed! I've been reading and enjoying her from the beginning...
  3. What are your favorite recipes from it? I didn't read thoroughly or cook anything from it yet but the Mulligatawny is appealing. I need a holiday to catch-up with her
  4. I am also a Madhur Jaffrey follower. She also wrote Foolproof Indian Cooking: Step by Step to Everyone's Favorite Indian Recipes.
  5. Spoonful

    "Sink-Proof" Cheese

    Gruyère and Emmenthal cheese seem to work best for me.
  6. I haven't bought a bottle of ketchup in years What have I been missing?
  7. Spoonful

    "Sink-Proof" Cheese

    Oh yes I toast it in the oven drizzled with olive oil. When I take it out, I rub a clove of garlic on top. YUM
  8. Spoonful

    "Sink-Proof" Cheese

    Your broth might be too thin or you may not have enough onions. Once my onions are "caramelized", I always add about a tablespoon of flour, cook that for a few minutes, add a shot of Xéres, then pour in my stock. Edit: of course, the booze is optional and has nothing to do with the cheese staying on top! One more edit: Which cheese are you using?
  9. Yup! I do. If I remember correctly, it was used for meat balls. Not as gross as it sounds! But we have evolved so much since!
  10. If you're making polenta AND something, it's going to be 2 pans most likely: one for cooking the polenta, and the other for whatever else. Unless it's something like polenta with cheese, in which case it's all-in-one. Okay, I lied: you will need a skillet for the mushrooms and a heavy saucepan for the polenta; a bowl, maybe a measuring cup...
  11. Polenta with mushrooms and Parmesan cheese Use assorted fresh mushrooms such as cremini, portobello, chanterelle, and domestic brown or white, in any combination. You could add 1 ounce of dried porcini which you soak in about 1/3 cup hot water. The herbs in this dish could be fresh sage or thyme. Don't forget the garlic, salt and plenty of freshly ground black pepper. I can PM the recipe to you if you so desire.
  12. This might help you for your Big Sniff, the Big Slurp and the Big Spit Experience
  13. Sounds delightful! How did it turn out?
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