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  1. Comparing a robot coup and an immersion blender is really like comparing meat to vegetables. They aren't intended to do exactly the same tasks. Although they can do SOME of the same tasks. I have a 20+ yr bamix and a much newer model. I use the older one at our cabin. We live in a city that has a distributor and when I purchased the new one I was asked to bring my old one in for maintenance. I was pleasantly surprised that this was a FREE service. I used to cater and used the old one heavily. Making sauces, making mayo in the jar, pureeing cooked veg and soups. Occasionally bashing up ice, grinding up nuts etc. If I wanted a big amount of perfectly crushed ice or perfectly ground nuts I wouldn't use a stick blender. One thing I liked (a bit gimmicky) was making "whipped cream" from skim milk! I had some specific diet requirements for customers and they especially loved that "whipped cream". The bamix is the Cadillac of stick blenders. The robot coup is intended for heavier, more involved work with food. A stick blender is for quick, easy, efficient work with a minimum of clean up. There is no comparison for efficient use of time. Storage space is another thing to consider as well as a bit more time and effort to get out a RC as apposed to grabbing the Bamix. There are always good videos on line to see what each machine will do. Check them out before you decide what is right for you.
  2. I have in my possession some lovely looking "Grains of Paradise" I understand they can be ground (like pepper) and used in seasoning mainly vegetable dishes and also meat, fish etc. I have a recipe for Galat or Galat Dagga a Tunisian Spice mix containing both black peppercorns and also grains of paardise as well as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. I would really appreciate a few GOOD recipes for both Grains of Paradise and also Galat Dagga. I did check on the Tunisian Site (which another member has recently launched) but, although very interesting, didn't really find what I was looking for. Thanks Nandy
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