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  1. Sometimes I will cook a little extra of an ingredient or two needed for dinner. For instance, if I need to brown some chicken, I will add a couple extra pieces and cook them completely for lunch the other day. Rice, potatoes, green beans, and hearty veg all do well the next day for lunch. I might toss a few of them together with a simple mustard vinegarette to make a salad.

    On another note, I am about to experiment with making a home made pot noodles. I have some simple thin egg noodles and bits of pieces of veg from last nights dinner, plus a few fresh items (ginger, cabbage, herbage, to name a few contenders. I will place them all in a lock lid jar. At lunch time, I will add some hot veg broth and let it sit for a few minutes. Hopefully, it will be edible.


  2. You can also add gluten phobia to the list. I am annoyed when I hear people talking about how they live healthier by avoiding gluten. Occasionally, I poke back and ask what is wrong with gluten? What does it do to your health? Most of the time it is a blank stare or they just say "well, it's bad for you!"

    I am happy to make 2-4 loaves of bread every week. Bring on the carbs and the gluten! Bring on the meat I pile on top. Bring on the fattening cheese and the butter I fry the sandwich in!

  3. I picked up about 2 lbs of thumb size baby cucumbers at the farmer's market. I plan on pickling them, but I am not sure if I should brine them in my crock or if I should use vinegar. Any thoughts?

  4. Are there any chefs near you that you admire? I would give them a call and see if you can get 20 minutes of their time to discuss being a chef and any advice they have to further your career. If you are daring, you could even offer to stanche for a day.

    If you want to learn the basics, I also recommend learning some baking and skills. The Professional Pastry Chef by Bo Friberg and Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman will teach you what you want to know.


  5. Our pastry chef kept having his truffles swipped. So for payback he rolled little truffles with a "refreshing" wasabi centre. It served 2 puposes, truffles never went missing and you had no problem spotting the theives.

    Wow, you guys are more evil than medical staff. Lots of practical jokes take place on slow nights in the hospital. This thread has been a fun read.

    Not a professional kitchen story, but I did something similar when I was an intern (medical). One of the chief residents kept raiding the fridge in the call room and eating my lunches (generally very tasty ones, if I do say so myself), but as the lowly intern, I couldn't really complain. So I baked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and put a fairly large dose of powdered habanero in a portion of the dough, and put the cookies in my lunch bag. I tasted one, the heat does not register immediately because of the sweetness, easily allowing someone rapidly snarfing cookies to finish at least a couple before the heat starts.

    He never stole my lunch again.

    Someone's been stealing my lunch.

    Where do I get the habanero powder??

    Here you go!


  6. The first week of camp has come and gone. I found some nice rubbermaid two compartment plastic containers. A typical lunch will include some cut up fruit (mellon, apricot, peach, etc...), a couple of mini pitas or a mini bagel, sliced cheese or cream cheese on the bread option, and either baby carrots, cut up cuke, or other veg.

    Mini quiches are a great idea. I just bought a mini muffin tin and will give it a try.

  7. Fried plantains are a good idea for the future, but with two ankle biters to manage, not very practical for today. I did pick up a small bag of plantain chips at the market though.

    Lettuce is a good idea. I just bought a couple small heads from a farm stand this afternoon. Its not the ideal variety, but it should do just fine.

    Fresh tortilla chips do sound like fun, but for another day. I need to experiment first, If my wife demands it, I picked up a bag of baked unsalted chips. Frankly, they taste like corn flakes to me. I think some guac or ceviche will make up for the flavor.

    Luckily they did have some jicama and fresh cukes at the market, so those will be offered as well.


  8. I like to make a salad with them. Roast and chop the beets, toss them with shallots, pistashios, goat cheese, herbs (tarragon is fun), an unfiltered olive oil and either cider or balsamic vinegar.

  9. My wife is in the UK, so I have had River Cottage Veg Everyday and the River Cottage Handbooks for Veg and Herbs sent to her hotel from Amazon UK. They are not available in the US so this was a good opportunity to try some thing different.

    Chef Passard's simplistic approach in his new book makes it very accessible to me. My cookbook budget is tight right now, but it is at the top of my long list of books.

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