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  1. I made some duck confit last week using Thomas Keller's recipe. It was awesome. Now I have four legs left that need to be stored properly. I would hate for it to spoil and get sick from it. I was thinking of a Tupperware for each one, but I do not have enough fat to cover them all. I am thinking about vacuum packing each leg with a generous amount of oil. Is this the best route? Should I keep them in the fridge, or in the freezer? For how long?


  2. I hope to make an effort at making gefilte fish next week. I will need to grind/mince a couple pounds of fish. There are two routes. I can buy a meat grinder, which will give the fish a consistent finish texture. The other method is to use my food processor, but I risk turning the fish to mush and have an inconsistent product. 





  3. I am considering making my own gefilte fish this Passover and will need a meat grinder. I have three options, a hand crank model, a powered model and a Kitchenaid attachment. I don't need anything fancy as this will be the only use for the grinder. What type should I get?  Any advice would be appreciated.  

  4. I am considering making my own gefilte fish for Passover. My in-laws insist that I need a dedicated pot as the fish will turn it black and unusable for any other purpose. I searched the web, but could not find any truth to this. Is there anything to this, or is it just an old wives tale?



  5. Good evening!

    My wife and I are heading to Seattle for a few days and need to find dining options for our kids. Does anyone have a recommendation for restaurants in the main tourist areas that are kid friendly or cater specifically to kids? My kids will eat anything, so anything goes, as long as it is vegetarian friendly.



  6. My wife and I have discussed the possibility of purchasing some backyard chickens for the girls to play with and care for. Some rather um... creative names for the birds came up in our discussion. Some of the top names are Spatchcock, Colonel (as in Sanders), Coco (Coq Au Vin), and Kapparos.

    Do you have any fun and inappropriate names for chickens?


  7. Lots of great ideas! I know where I can get small red bananas and possibly kumquats with relative ease. I will scour the two reasonably clean and reliable Asian markets near me for fun stuff. I think there is one kid in the class with a kiwi allergy, so I will avoid that one. I saw jackfruit the other day at the local Indian market... I might have to experiment with it first.

    Green almonds are great, but the school is nut/peanut free. The durian.... maybe not ;).

    There is one local market that has fresh guava and prickly pears. Do you think this will be too difficult for little kids to eat?

  8. My daughter's preschool asks parents to bring in fresh fruits or veg to be served as snacks. Most parents bring apples, bananas, baby carrots, oranges, and other common items. I have been bringing more exotic and fun fruits and veg like medjool dates, Persian cukes, Romanesco cauliflower, dragon fruit, star fruit and others. Most 3 year olds have never seen these and are excited to try them.

    Does anyone have suggestions on what else to bring that can be served raw and can be easily cut up?

  9. I need a new travel mug for drinking my coffee on the go. I have destroyed two so far... four if you count cheap plastic freebies. The problem is that they do not bounce well. I had a slender Stanley mug, but the plastic top ring cracked and fell apart after a while. the botom also became dented to the point where it would not stand straight. I also have a Thermos where the paint is flaking off and also has dents on the bottom.

    I need a good mug. Does anyone have a suggestion? Durability, heat retention, and the ability to fit in a cup holder are key features.


  10. I thought I would take a straw poll to see what methods you guys consider "best practice" to cook a whole roast chicken. Please choose from the following options and elaborate as you see fit.

    - Desired final cooking temperature: breast xxxC, thighs xxxC (or F).

    - Stuffing: Yes or No

    - Trussing: Yes or No

    - Cooking position: breast side up on a rack, or rotisserie, or vertical (beer can), or butterfly

    - Cooking time: low temperature and slow, or high temperature and fast

    - Heat source: electric oven, combi oven, combined (e.g. sous vide followed by oven), charcoal, or smoker

    - Seasoning: none, or dry brine (includes rubs), or wet brine (includes marinades), or injection brine

    I think I have more or less covered all the variables. I would be interested to hear your responses.

    My method is different than most. One important question is missing above; whole, broken down, spatchcocked, etc??

    Stuffing - No

    Trussing - No

    Cooking Position - Broken down chicken, skin side up

    Cooking time - low and slow - 350ish for 1.25 hours

    Heat Source - Electric oven

    Seasoning - Either Back of the Yards blend or Milwaukee Iron blend from The Spice house.

    I roast my chicken over a bed of root veg (potatoes, turnips, celeriac, etc... depends on what is good) plus 1-2 heads of garlic and several branches of thyme in a cast iron pan. When the chicken is done, I put the root veg back in the oven to cook until the pan juices concentrate.

  11. Chicken Paprikash: An already dead chicken (defrosted in a manner that will make a food safety expert's head explode) boiled to death with lumps of dough in a flavorless broth seasoned with too much paprika. Asparagus suffered the same indignity... Cooked until my 1 year old with 4 teeth can eat it. Speaking of my 1 year old. She had great timing soiling her self, resulting in me missing this dinner as I had to put her to bed... Which I took my time doing.

    How was your dinner?

  12. I am eager to dive into Fuchia Dunlop's Every Grain of Rice. There are two common ingredients that are holding me back. I have not been able to find a kosher certified chinkiang vinegar and shaoxing wine. What are some readily available substitutes for these ingredients? Or, if you know a source for kosher certified versions of these products, even better.



  13. For me it is Fuchsia Dunlops "Every Grain of Rice". This book has had a huge impact on our diet and weekly dinners (for the better). I cook at least a couple of recipes out of this book and have done since it came out. The guy at my small local asian supermarket even knows me :laugh:

    Other than that MCAH has consumed alot of my weekends, and often to good effect.

    Amazon shows the book coming out next Feb. Do you have an advanced copy? How practical is it for daily cooking? Is it vegetarian friendly?

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