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  1. Hello everyone. In early 2007 I knew that I had to make a career change after marrying the love of my life and the related move to Milwaukee. Wifey convinced me that I was happiest when I was baking in the kitchen and should look into culinary school after we settled down and maybe one day we would open a bakery of our own. Nearly 2 years have come and gone. We have moved to Connecticut and I have completed the baking and pastry program at a mediocre culinary school. Residents of the local Jewish community that we live in have heard about me as a baker and are very excited about the potential
  2. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this matter. I will be contacting a rabbi who is a local kashrut expert to see if he is willing to put on a practical class on this subject. Hopefully that will resolve any remaining issues. Thanks again! Dan
  3. In addition to many comments already listed, I will share these thoughts. I do not like it when ethic cookbooks do not include sample menus or recipe pairings. Any chef who puts in a dessert or pastry section into their book with obviously no knowledge of baking and pastry. Listing the prep and cook times, but failing to mention overnight marinades or rests. Dan
  4. I can try making my own in the future, but would prefer to buy it pre-made in large quantities if I make an official business out of this. Thanks again for the advice. Dan
  5. From my experience living in Milwaukee a few years back, Most of the items listed could be found at Sendik's, The Spice House, The Public Market, or a few local ethnic stores and butchers that I cannot remember the names of. Dan
  6. I am wondering if anyone knows of a source for almond paste that is free of artificial preservatives and flavors. I reluctantly using American Almond products, but would prefer to use a brand that did not use unnecessary chemicals. Thanks, Dan
  7. I was at Sur La Table the other day picking up a few things and saw a French made boxwood baton style rolling pin for a whopping $79.95! I decided that the $11.95 beechwood baton rolling pin is perfectly fine for my needs. http://www.surlatable.com/product/kitchenb...+20%26%2334-.do Is there REALLY a difference between the two, or is this just silly? Dan
  8. ← Thank you for the link!! I will have to read it in detail when time allows. And yes, you are right about the ethical isssue of using non cage free eggs in a business to reduce waste and the associated increase in costs. Thanks for the details on blood spots. I have never seen a cage free white egg. I guess it is one of those marketing things where people think that brown eggs equal natural. Dan
  9. The issue comes from a biblical law prohibiting the consumption of blood. This is a do or don't type situation with no leeway. For now, I will do my best to distinguish between the two. Once, or if, this goes full bore I will need official supervision from the local kashrut agency and I will require them to show me the difference. Dan
  10. Very simple, tax breaks and government incentives. Dan
  11. I will be honest, I have never seen this until now. I have taken classes on kashrut and this has never been brought up. Ditto with culinary school where they taught "Blood spots bad, throw out blood spots". Given that the school's low academic standards and was more interested in profits than education, I am not surprised by this. I appreciate you posting this. The article would be more useful if it had pictures to show the difference between a protein spot and a blood spot. But it does get me in the right direction. Thanks again, Dan
  12. While I understand that "cage free" and "free range" eggs are very loosely defined, I do feel that they are a step in the right direction. I have an ethical objection to animals being treated as machinery by being locked in cages solely for the purpose of producing eggs. The extra dollar for the "cage free" and "free range" eggs is a small price increase I am willing to take at home. However... I keep kosher and eggs with blood spots are immediately thrown out. I understand that it is harder to candle eggs with thick brown shells, but I often have 50% waste due to blood spots. Today I had to
  13. There is nothing wrong with inspired sushi. One of my wife and my favorite restaurants here in New Haven is Miya's Sushi. You really need to read this menu. http://www.miyassushi.com/menu.html Dan
  14. I am interested in trying out this sort of work, but with some unique restrictions. LOML and I keep kosher and don't eat red meats. Is there a fair amount of recipes for turkey, chicken, and fish based (Ive had salmon pepperoni... delicious!) cured meats for me to explore? Thanks, Dan PS, does anyone have a source for kosher certified casings?
  15. I have made buttercream with parve margarine, but agree with the greasy quality. I might make it with chocolate and see if it masks the flavor. Thanks, Dan
  16. I have been asked to make a cake or two for this upcoming weekend. The catch is that it has to be parve, or dairy free. I have never found a non dairy buttercream or frosting formula that actually tastes good. Does anyone have a good recipe that they are willing to share? Thanks, Dan
  17. My wife and I came across Denis Cotter by happy accident while cycling through Ireland. Once we got home, we immediately purchased this two (now three) cookbooks. They are a regular source for dinners, especially when we want something fancy. I was wondering if anyone else has his books and what you think about them. Dan
  18. DanM

    Celery Salt

    +1 on a Chicago style dog. The hot dog needs a poppy seed bun and is topped with sliced tomatoes, diced onion, a pickle spear, neon green relish, sport peppers and finished with yellow mustard and celery salt. Dan
  19. I have had luck in the past using instant coffee or espresso that has been dissolved in the least amount of water possible. Espresso does give a stronger flavor. I can't give exact proportions as it varies from brand to brand. Trial and error will be your guide. Dan
  20. DanM

    Whole striped bass

    In old camping style, I would recommend a simple corn meal crust and then either pan fry in your best cast iron, or barbeque them. Corn on the cob, biscuits, and maybe some mashed potatoes. 2 bits.
  21. DanM

    Coffee Recipes

    Chouffe Coffee is an amazing liqueur from Belgian made from distilled beer, grain alcohol, and coffee. It would make a wonderful after dinner drink. Dan
  22. It's very easy to scale the recipes, so I wouldn't hold that against Hamelman. If you're looking for a professional bread book, you most likely want to set up a spreadsheet to calculate the required amounts of levain and preferments for the batch size you want to make. As long as you've got the recipe broken down in baker's %, it's the specific weights aren't crucial. I do own a few bread baking books, and I agree with the above recommendations: Hamelman's "Bread" and/or Suas' "Advanced Bread and Pastry". Suas' book got the same measurements as Hamelman, but his application of baker's % are sl
  23. DanM

    Pork Kidneys

    I once had kidneys with some fava beans and a nice chianti.... Or was that his liver?
  24. DanM

    Pancake Seasonings

    King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain Cookbook has a stunning pancake recipe that uses muslei in the mix. Dan
  25. Hamelman's Bread only has metric for institutional quantities. Home baker's recipes are writen in oz to the tenth of an ounce. Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain does have metric for all recipes. Dan
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