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  1. I hope you are only kidding about the foie gras. Pop-tarts have a uniquely "trashy" style to them that would not blend well with foie gras. If you decide to tackle Hostess cupcakes, let me know. I not been successful at replicating them. Thanks for the formula though.. I will have to give it a try! Dan
  2. If you want a good grill, I recommend Weber's Performer grill. I have one and it is amazing. It is a charcoal grill with a propane starter. Mine is 9 years old and shows little to no wear. Cookbook wise, I want to throw in Marinades, Rubs, Brines, Cures and Glazes by Jim Tarantino. Its not directly related, but has lots of grill friendly recipes. Dan
  3. sounds like the "Rieser Bauerntorte", served in the region around the village Noerdlingen. It's an Applecake with a dense crust and the filling is apple puree. Sorry I've no reciepe but will be in Noerdlingen in about three weeks to get one. If this cake sounds familiar to that one you've had once, I'll post it then. ← I greatly appreciate this and will gladly take the recipe. I will let you know how it turns out when I make it. Thanks again! Dan
  4. DanM

    Pastry schools

    While I don't disagree with you about the quality of some students or the reasons for allowing them to attend school, I think Thomas Keller and any number of chefs would take offense at this considering they did not receive a "formal" education in the culinary arts. This argument is the dead horse that has been beaten over and over. Take what you can from your education and the situation and overlook those other students. Trust me when I say that very few employers that are hiring for entry level positions in kitchens are worried about where you got your education. They are much more conce
  5. Favorites: Juila Jaques The Swedish Chef!! (why am I the first to list him??) Jamie Oliver Alton Brown Mario Morimoto Anthony Bourdain Denis Cotter (little known, but a huge influence on me) Paul Prudhomme Bronwen Weber Ella Brennan (Not a chef, but a wonderful, wonderful person ) Least Favorite: Bobby Flay Todd English (I swear this guy wears make up) Rocco Rachel Ray Martha Stewart That lady in the school cafeteria with the hair net...
  6. I don't have anything really useful to add... but I am REALLY intrigued by your wild rice krispy treats. Would you mind sharing the recipe with me? Best of luck with the rest of the race! Dan
  7. DanM

    Pastry schools

    I went to culinary school last year and quickly discovered that the school is more interested in making a profit rather than educating students. The admissions standards were so low that several people in the class could not do basic arithmetic or follow simple instructions, but they passed them through based on effort, not on results. One of the chefs told me straight out that they give praise to students to boost their esteem even if the products were unacceptable. The director of education has a philosophy that everyone has the right to an education and to work in this industry. I told him
  8. Those tarts look amazing! I have added the recipe to my cookbook for future use. I think it is a little too rich for our diet at this time. Thanks for the reference! jackal10 Thanks for the link to the Guardian Article. After reading it I pulled up the River Cottage Cookbook on Google Books and found a couple of new ideas. The Eel in Green Herb Sauce looks mighty good, but made with a kosher fish. http://books.google.com/books?id=lbscLPGd1...qyZFW#PPT357,M1 Dan
  9. What kind of apple kuchen are you looking for, as I have a recipe for Schwabischer apple kuchen, and here in germany there seems to be a lot of different apple kuchens. ← Thanks for responding. I almost gave up on this. The apple kuchens I have liked in the past had a dense crust and a custard like filling. But hey, I will take whatever recipes you have and try them all. I have a lot of neighbors, friends, and family that are more than happy to help me taste test a bit. Thanks for your help!! Dan
  10. Good morning, I picked up a half pound of locally grown Sorrell at the market yesterday. I am not familiar with this green, so I was wondering what are some classic preparations for it. thanks! Dan
  11. I didn't say that. I said that I now think of kosher Israeli wines as Israeli wines rather than kosher wines. There are of course kosher wines from all over. We had wines from California and New Zealand at our tasting, for example. I didn't say they were. What I said, which is true, is that the overwhelming majority of kosher wines sold outside of Israel are mevushal. That's what consumers demand. Even many Israeli kosher wines that are non-mevushal are produced in special mevushal batches for export. ← My appologies. I misread what you wrote. Dan
  12. Thanks for the insight and depth of the article. I will resist being a nitpicker and poke holes in your post. However, I do not agree with your intention to call kosher wines Israeli wines. Kosher simply indicates that the wines have been produced in a manner that conforms to the laws of Kashrut under the supervision of a rabbinical authority. Secondly, not all kosher wines come from Israel. There are amazing wines from around the world that are kosher. My wife and I enjoy Capcanes Peraj Petita as a favorite red wine in our house. It is a Montsant wine from Spain. We have also recently purcha
  13. LOML has this habit of eating these nasty frozen, nuke and eat veggie pot pie pasties for breakfast almost every morning because "they have enough protein in them" and she (thinks she) does not have time to sit down for 5-10 minutes like a normal person and eat a real breakfast. I occasionally make the mistake of getting her opinion on what to make for dinner. This usually devolves into a 1-1.5 hour "I don't know" ordeal with 5+ cookbooks on the couch because she cannot make up her mind and nothing I suggest is acceptable. Will not eat most lettuce or greens because they are "weeds" Snacks in
  14. The 2009 James Beard Award nominees for cookbooks are in... Any thoughts or picks? AMERICAN COOKING Arthur Schwartz's Jewish Home Cooking: Yiddish Recipes Revisited by Arthur Schwartz (Ten Speed Press) Cooking Up a Storm: Recipes Lost and Found from The Times-Picayune of New Orleans Edited by: Marcelle Bienvenu and Judy Walker (Chronicle Books) Screen Doors and Sweet Tea: Recipes and Tales from a Southern Cook by Martha Hall Foose (Clarkson Potter) BAKING Bakewise: The Hows and Whys of Successful Baking by Shirley O. Corriher (Scribner) Baking for All Occasions: A Treasury of Recipes for Every
  15. Good one!!! You got me laughing hard with this one!! How about those little ice cube trays of pre chopped herbs and garlic that taste nothing like herbs or garlic? Premade heat and serve pancakes that have the texture of rubber. Supermarket sushi... exactly how old is this stuff? Vienna sausage and spam... lets not go there... Cereal bars. You can't sit down for five minutes and eat breakfast like healthy human being? Here is a hint... set your alarm clock for 10 minutes earlier. 3 bits... adjusted for wheat prices Dan Whats worse is when it contains absolutely no actual tea!!
  16. Okay... you got me drooling. Who needs bacon fat (trayfe) when you can have schmaltz! The really good kosher butchers will sell you jugs of this stuff if you ask them nicely. My all time favorite application is to roast a cut up bone-in, skin-on chicken over a bed of new potatoes and several heads worth of unpeeled garlic cloves. The fat renders from the chicken and is abosrbed by the potatoes and the garlic. I serve it with plenty of challah to soak up the schmaltz and to spread the roasted garlic. I also tend to wipe the roasting pan clean with a little challah to get that last bit of schma
  17. Here are my three ideas given the description of what you are looking for. River Cottage Cookbook River Cottage Meat Book Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and Me by Denis Cotter. All of these books are about the connection between the cook and the land. Wild Garlic is more of a diatribe on his favorite veg than a cookbook, but a very entertaining read. 2 bits Dan
  18. DanM


    Thanks for the idea and recipe!! I made these gingerbread hamantashens and I am getting requests for even more!!! These are a definate keeperand with a little experimentation, I will get people drooling at the sight of these. Dan
  19. Wifey has asked me to make her a strawberry flavored cake with chocolate frosting for her birthday. I have been looking around, but cannot find a formula for the strawberry base. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Dan
  20. DanM


    I'm bumping this thread back up. Its hamantashen time, what are you making? Thanks to the influence here, I will be making yeasted with an apple strudel style filling, yeasted with orange frangipane, apricot gingerbread, and maybe chocolate with cherry. Dan
  21. I just had one of those adventures. I found a new grocer near my house that specializes in Caribbean produce and fish. How can I nave NOT known about this place all this time?? Finding fresh pineapple at $1 each is a definate find. Anyhow... I am unfamiliar with some of the fish and roots that they carry. I found brief descriptions for them in Oxford's guide to food and online, but any info and suggested recipes would be greatly appreciated. Fishies: Doctor Butter Jamaican Butter Parrot Goat Grunt Spot Roots: Yampi Yautia lila coco Batata Thanks! Dan
  22. Umm thanks dude, but I am neither a masochist, nor desire the forearms of popeye. I think a mixer will be used if I ever have to make this much bread. I greatly appreciate everyone's advice. I have been thinking about it greatly and have decided to resist the pressure and temptation to open a small operation for at least one year. I will instead try to find a job in a local establishment. I need to work on my skills, see how working 40+ hours a week will effect home life, and work on the numbers more. Now the hard part... Finding a local bakery that knows what they are doing. Sadly, there are
  23. My computer crashed yesterday and was unable to follow up on your thoughts and questions. Why would you charge LESS for your (superior) product? ← I'm sorry for not being 100% clear on this. The local supermarket sells 24oz challahs for $3.95. The challahs I will be making will be 1lbs each at 3.50. Thats 16 cents per oz from them or 21 cents per oz from me. 1 lbs loaves make more sense to me given the quantity purchased by the average family. Yes! I plan on making 2-4 desserts available for preorder with the challahs. I will vary the offerings by season and per holiday. Birthday cakes
  24. DanM


    It is a beautiful and inspiring book. However, many of the recipes call for exotic and unusual ingredients. You may find some of them at Asian markets in your area. For me it is mostly food porn since many of the recipes call for non kosher ingredients. Dan
  25. I was figuring I would be making Challah all day Thurs and Friday. I can probably fit 4 challahs per oven every 40 minutes. If I do a best case scenario of baking ONLY challahs Thurs day Fri with 14 hours of oven time, that is maybe 150 loaves if I am really efficient and have nothing else to bake or do. Per your estimates... my ingredient costs came out to approx $70 per 1 lbs loaf with 2 or 3 loaves per customer. The local supermarket charges $3.95 per loaf and everyone thinks it is crap. So lets say $3.50 per loaf = $7-10 per customer. I can always "hire" slave labor interns from local cul
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