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  1. Strawberry week concludes with these Choux strips. They are based on a formula in Bo Fribergs book. Its puff pastry topped with pastry cream, pate a choux, strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, and flat icing. Dan
  2. Honestly, just bake what you bake best. I am sure they will appreciate anything you bring. Dan
  3. I go through so much bread flour at home that I buy 50lbs bags of KAF Artisan Select from a local wholesaler. I also try to use around 50% whole grain flours in my bread, mainly whole wheat. White whole wheat is excellent for challah and other sweet or delicate breads do to its lighter texture and flavour. Occasionally I will sub 10-20% of the flour in rustic breads with whole spelt flour, usually Arrowhead Mills. Finally, I use Hogson Mills Stone Ground Rye because it is readily available and inexpensive. Dan
  4. Very nice, Dan! What are you using to pipe the outer circle on the cute Diplomats? A paste of some kind? ← Its macaroon paste, a blend of almond paste, sugar, and egg whites. It did not brown as much as I would like, but I did not wan to leave it the oven for much longer as I was affraid of burning the crushed almonds. Dan
  5. DanM

    Old Bay seasoning

    I use The Spice House's Chesapeake Bay seasoning, which is their clone of Old bay. It has much less salt. I like it on fries, bloody Marys, and just about everything else people have mentioned. Dan
  6. David. Looks good! I will have to give that a try as soon as the rain stops falling. To address your crust issues. First off, the thick crust. I would skip the second rise after rolling it out. I would instead dock it and immediately grill it. As you mentioned, grill on one side, flip, top and finish. It will have some oven spring, but not much. However, this might result in some toughness, so you might also want to add an ounce of oil or butter to the crust to shorten the gluten a bit. The dryness and blackened bottom is probably caused by the hot fire. Two things come to mind to resolve t
  7. Strawberry week continues with a mess of strawberry diplomats
  8. Mark. Thanks for the video. That is exactly what I remember having. I don't have a wood fired oven, but I do have my trusty old Weber grill and a baking stone. I am sure I can get that insanely hot. The key thing is finding the correct crust formula. Lots of experimentation to be done. Dan Edit... regarding the pork. It could be that the family I was staying with asked them to make it without the lardons. After 15 years, my memory isn't exactly perfect. I will have to try veg bacon or ham to see if they will work as a substitute. Dan
  9. Thanks for the insight. I guess my other big question would be if the recipes included are current fads, or if they will hold long term value. Whats the point in spending $100+ on a book that will not be useful in a few years? And yes, skip the cups and spoons. Your audience for this book will not be happy with it. Dan
  10. DanM

    Spice cookies

    Oh yea. Chocolate cookies with a little ancho, cayenne, and black pepper are a favorite. I also occasionally make spice cookies using the Spice House's cake spice blend, which is a blend of China Tung Hing cinnamon, star anise powder, ground cloves, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. Edit: I almost forgot... you might consider Italian biscotti a spice cookie due to its heavy use of anise seed. Dan
  11. Perfect. I will have to give this a try today or tomorrow. The difficult part will be finding the rapeseed oil. Thanks! Dan
  12. The tart I remember from Strasbourg had a very thin, crispy crust with a cream and cheese sauce and onions on top. Bacon or ham was optional. It could be a tart flambee, but I will have to do some more research on it. It was definitely not quiche lorraine or an Alsace Onion Tart as both have an eggy consistency to the filling and have a raised edge and are baked in a tart pan. Thanks for the advice. Dan
  13. Wife and I went strawberry picking over the weekend and came home with 5 lbs of berries. Item #1 is a strawberry rhubarb tart. http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll57/da...yRubarbTart.jpg Dan
  14. David... that just looks stunning! Does anything else go on the pizza after it is cooked?
  15. I am looking for the savory version. There are two problems with the Trader Joes version... it is premade and it has bacon. As a baker, I have a slight aversion to frozen pastries. As a Jew, I have a slight problem with bacon. Dan
  16. I have been trying to find an authentic Tarte D'Alsace recipe lately, but nothing I have made has come close to the ones I enjoyed as an exchange student living in Strassbough about 15 years ago. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Dan
  17. Excellent thread. I made a white pizza on the grill last night. I use Peter Reinhart's pizza book for my dough formulas. My favorites are the Neo Neoplitan and the Grilled pizza doughs. I typically hand stretch my do to approx 1/8" thick, dock it, and then grill it for a couple minutes until the bottom side is starting to brown. I then pull it off and top it and put it on the grill again to finish it up. My favorite toppings are grilled veg and a very light amount of fresh mozarella. David, would you mind sharing your harissa recipe with me? Peter. It does not need to be round. Rectangular o
  18. DanM


    I like to keep mine simple... and grilled Option #1 is marinated in Soy Vey marinade and grilled over indrect heat on a banana leaf Option #2 is grilling it on a cedar plank and then coating it in barbecue sauce. Dishwasher salmon... hmmm.... http://www.salon.com/nov96/salmon961118.html Dan
  19. DanM

    The Egg Sandwich

    I make these for my wife on a regular basis. It typically includes a vegetarian sausage patty and is served on challah, or whatever bread is laying around. Dan
  20. According to Peter Reinhart's blog, he will have another book out this year. Dan
  21. You can add six more books for me. The prize catch in the latest additions is Michelle Urvater's Chocolate Cake. The Hawaiian white chocolate, coconut, and macadamia cake was stunning! Dan
  22. Thanks for the quick overview. I do have a few questions, if I may. What is the ratio between articles and recipes? Are the formulas in weight or volume, imperial or metric? How often do the formulas call for unusual ingredients or equipment? Thanks Dan
  23. I recently had this problem when I made a whipped chocolate ganache for a cake. It said to chill the ganache before whipping. It did not say how cold to chill it though... What temps does everyone recommend? Back to fridge temp... approx 40f? Thanks Dan
  24. DanM

    Pareve Biscuits

    I do a ton of pareve baking. For margarine, I recommend Earth Balance, Willow Creek, and maybe Fleishmans, if you are desperate. I would avoid mothers, Rich's and Mishpacha, unless you enjoy a chemical flavour to your food. Earth Balance tends to be a little more plastic than most margarines which aids in building layers. For milk I typically use unsweetened plain soymilk. You can also try almond milk which some feel gives a fuller, rounder flavour. Dan BTW... it is interesting that they are doing pareve given that it is Shavout, a holiday where it is customary to eat dairy meals. I spent mo
  25. DanM

    Creme Brulee

    I made one a while back with ginger, lemon grass, and green tea which turned out amazing! What I love about creme brulee is that they are relatively easy to make in large quantities for a cheap price and look quite impressive. Dan
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