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  1. I carved a shelf out of my kitchen's bookcase for spices. The jars are stacked 5 deep in loose alphabetical order with the most commonly used spice in each row placed up front. The spices come from The Spice House. However, I will need a new source now that I live in Switzerland.


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  2. I was planning on buying  jar of duck confit at the market, but I had a dimwitted moment and grabbed the confit goose gizzards instead. What should I do with them? Suggestions would be appreciated.





  3. I am looking for a recommendation for a quality brand of flour for bread, pastries, and general cooking/baking. I just moved to Geneva from the US, so I am not familiar with the local brands. I will be shopping in Annemasse France 80% of the time, if that helps.



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  4. On 7/20/2017 at 1:22 AM, Okanagancook said:

    @DanM what size do you like for making your falafel.  I am currently deciding on which size to get.  Do you use it for making meat balls too?


    Yup! Those are falafel scoops. You hold down the trigger, load it up with a spoon, invert it over the fryer and let go of the trigger.... Easy peasy. 


    I use the large one for sandwiches and small one for snack size bites for the kids to take to school. 


    The wood board is actually an eggplant knife given to me by my aunt. It is utterly useless at cutting eggplants or anything for that matter. I just keep it around to confuse people. ;)

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  5. I am very happy with our Elkay stainless steel sink. It is very forgiving and easy to keep clean. Ours is 28" wide and 10" deep (very deep!). One option I highly recommend is an off center drain. This allows you to place large items in the middle of the sink and not block the drain. It has also reduced the number of items that have fallen into the drain by 95%. 


    The faucet is a nothing fancy Kohler pull out faucet.


    My 2 bits... 




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  6. Some brands are available in Europe. For example, I will probably find a used Kitchenaid mixer if my current bowls and attachments will fit the Euro models. However, there are brands that you cannot get on this side of the ocean or are not as popular, like Electrolux, Miele, Bosch, etc...

  7. My wife has been short listed for a job in Geneva Switzerland, so there is a small chance that we will be living there by the end of the summer (oy!). Who knows if this will actually pan out, but a little preparation now rather than scrambling when we get there is time well spent. One part of this move will be buying new cooking gadgets. I would appreciate any advice on a food processor (robot?), blender, stand mixer, and a hot water kettle. I don't need anything fancy, just well built and able to last. 


    Thanks! Dan Mages

  8. Trader Joe's Authentico Spicy guacamole... The TSA confiscated it at the airport as a banned liquid. She offered me a chance to check it in... I have her a dumb look and told her that it was my lunch (and a zip lock of black bean taquitos) and to toss it.


    To quote Bugs Bunny.. What a bunch of maroons. 

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  9. Sorry for digging up this old thread. There is much good info here that it is making me go crosseyed.


    LOML picked up 8 duck legs at Le Marais, so I guess I'm making duck confit on Friday.


    I need to make some decisions.

    Should I use Thomas Keller or Joel Robuchon's recipe? 

    Should cook it in my enamel dutch oven or sous vide?

    If I'm cooking it in the oven, should I cook them with the convection feature on? 

    Will schmaltz work? (I have a gallon bag of chicken skin in the freezer that needs to be rendered)




  10. [Host's note: this topic forms part of an extended discussion that grew too big for our servers to handle efficiently.  The discussion continues from here.]



    I am thinking about an Anova for a slightly different purpose. Can I use this in a home brewing environment to manage the grain mash temperature? 


    Maybe I can use this for a HERMS brewing setup? I would use the Anova to maintain the temperature of a hot water tank. I would then use my pump to circulate the wort from the mash tun through a heat exchanger (copper coil) that is immersed in the hot water tank.





  11. Hi there.


    I am looking for some new ideas for snacks for my girls to take to school. An apple, pear, banana, or other whole fruit is a regular selection. A small cup of hummus or guacamole with a few pieces of veg is another favorite. I am tempted to make some puff pastry and make them random pastries with fun stuff on top. 


    What are some other fun ideas that I can give them? The restrictions are that it needs to be nut free, vegetarian, no raw carrots (the preschool banned them as a choking hazzard!) travel easily, and fit into a sandwich bag or 1/2 or 1 cup plastic container. 



  12. There was a discussion a few years back on this site about a nifty grinder/motorized pestle. It looked similar to a Kitchenaid mixer but had a large stone in the middle of the metal bowl that traveled on a planetary gear (IIRC). It was good for stone milling grains, making moles, nut butters, and similar activities .


    Does anyone know what I am talking about? 


    Thanks  :wacko:

  13. The Zojirushi does look tempting. I also like the Cuisinart PerfecTemp kettle. I like that I can pick it up and pour instead of push to dispense for the Zojirushi. Panasonic makes a water boiler just like the Zojirushi for $30 less. I need to research the difference between the two.




  14. My el cheapo tea kettle is rusting on the inside. Obviously, I need to replace it. It is used every morning to make french press coffee and occasionally in the afternoon for tea. I have two choices for replacements, cooktop kettle or an electric kettle. What are the pros and cons for each? I have also seen electric kettles with temperature settings. Are these worth the extra money? Are they accurate? 





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