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  1. Thanks everyone. I did find this list from NY Magazine with their top 20 street carts. http://nymag.com/restaurants/features/33527/ And this one from Gourmet http://www.gourmet.com/restaurants/2009/09/new-york-street-food Hopefully she will make good use of this info. Dan
  2. My sister is visiting NYC next week, but will be on a very tight budget. She is aiming for $5 meals, but I think that is unrealistic. I would appreciate advice on where she can eat or get take out for $8 or less per meal. It can be anywhere in the city as long as it is safe and near a subway stop. She has no other restrictions. I appreciate the advice!! Dan
  3. Another great source for information on Belgian style beers is the Beer Judge Certification Program website. I constantly use this site for insight into beer styles that I plan on brewing. You will probably want to read up on styles 16-18. http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/catdex.php Dan
  4. I keep a strictly kosher kitchen and would never consider putting meat and dairy on the same plate... however, I have never seen a lactating chicken. Ice cream for dessert? Maybe. Dan
  5. I hope to get a garden growing this year. Wifey and I have a new addition to the family. I think this years garden will consist partially of foods I can cook and puree for little Abigail this fall.Any thoughts outside of peas and carrots? Dan
  6. Its a great article. Miya's Sushi is in my area and where I go for sushi due to his efforts to only use sustainable and local ingredients as well as supporting the local community. Bun Lai, the proprietor, has even created a menu to use some of the invasive species polluting our waters. Dan
  7. According to KAF, their regular white whole wheat flour is 13.2% protein, while their organic white whole wheat flour is 14.5% protein. I don't doubt your success with this flour, having used it for cookies and brownies myself, but low protein flour it is not. Thanks for catching that error. My 9% number came from this page on KAF's website. I wonder if there is that big of a difference between the commercial and consumer versions. I usually use 10% oat flour in my cookies. It gives the cookies a nutty and sweet flavor. It does not have gluten, so you don't get structure from it. Dan
  8. DanM


    Would you mind sharing the recipe? That sounds great!
  9. Ditto. I am a huge fan of white whole wheat flour and recommend it for enriched breads and pastries. I am thinking about trying it for genoise cake, but I have my doubts on the final product. Dan
  10. DanM


    I have two unusual flavors planned... I have found meyer lemons and blood oranges in good supply, so I am thinking about meyer lemon curd and blood orange marmalade. I was also thinking about trying brioche dough for the hamantashens. But the gingerbread apricot lekvar recipe is still the favorite of many and I still get ravings and cravings for them. Dan
  11. I have had great success with King Arthur Flour's white whole wheat in chocolate chip cookies. The protein level is around 9%, which actually places it closer to whole wheat pastry flour. I have made many batches and people are constantly surprised that it is whole wheat. Dan
  12. It is more along the line of not finding a recipe that meets my wife's taste. When I look at the recipes online, I don't know which are authentic recipes and which are Americanized. Idli and vada are not difficult. I have a baking background, so these pastries, for lack of a better term, tie into old skills of mine. Dan
  13. I was wondering if anyone knows of a kosher smokehouse in the NYC area where I can get high quality smoked salmon, whitefish, sable, etc... Thanks in advance! Dan
  14. I didn't catch the Sandra Lee comment. Somebody quote it for me, I'll hope it can make up for cheesy product placement. Bob During the section about roasting the goats in the hole he said that it was so easy that Sandra Lee could do it, if it came in a can (or was is especially if it came in a can?) The product placement does worry me as well about the integrity of the show. If they are taking paid placements, could some of his comments be paid for by tourism bureaus or restaurants? I doubt it, and sure hope not... Dan
  15. He didn't seem to be wearing the dust mask tightly during the cocaine scene... Yeah, that Chase card scene was annoying, but he made up for it by making fun of Sandra Lee. Dan
  16. Good morning. My wife has thrown down the gauntlet and asked me to make vada, idli and sambar for her this weekend. The vada and idli are no problem, but I need help with the sambar. I have been searching through eGullet, the interweb and my cookbooks, but so far, no luck. I would appreciate it if the kind people here would post their favorite recipe and tips for making sambar. Thank you! Dan
  17. I am the evil one. My wife's office just finished a Biggest Loser competition and I am sure many have made New Years resolutions to eat healthy. I have already sent them a batch of brown butter muscovado blondies (a variation on the cookies I found here) and a sour cream coffee cake. They both dissapeared very quickly, or so I am told. Dan
  18. I like a classic Bloody Mary with a good wheat beer (about 50/50 mix) instead of vodka.
  19. I am planning on focusing my brewing for the next year on Belgian Beers. At the top of my list are Saisons, Golden Ale, and Wit bier. Dan
  20. Netflix has "volumes" 1-7 available on demand. It gives me a great chance to catch up on many of the episodes I have missed. New episodes start next week! I hope he makes his way to Milwaukee and Israel. Dan
  21. I found Lan Cafe, which serves vegetarian Vietnamese food. I have always been interested in trying Pho. It seems to get good reviews. Is anyone familiar with this place? I also found Buddha Bodai. Vegetarian shark fin soup?? Thats a new one for me. They also have a full dim sum menu. Dan
  22. As a very small kid, I called worchestershire sauce as "horses#itter sauce".
  23. I totally agree with root veg and barley, especially hulled barley, being under-appreciated. Fresh sardines and anchovies are two more I would to the list. Plentiful and great tasting. Dan
  24. 1. Midtown is preferred, but iIt can be anywhere in Manhattan, as long as it is close to a subway stop. 2. I would prefer to keep it under $25 per plate, but I might go $10 higher if it is really good. 3. No other preferences. We like to explore. 4. No other preferences... We are very flexible.
  25. Wifey and I will be heading to NYC to visit the Tim Burton MOMA exibit. I was wondering what restaurants we should look at that are vegetarian or vegetarian friendly. My wife wants dim sum, but that might be asking a bit too much. Thanks for the advice!! Dan
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