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  1. Also what are restaurants lacking in comfort food?
  2. Hey everyone! I want to kinow what is your favorite comfort food? What kind of foods are comforting to you?
  3. Ira I remember you from the violet hour, thanks again for the cherry wheat beer, I'm sorry to hear about what happened with that investor, but I'm glad to hear that Nick and you are still mixing together. I'll have to make it out there one of these days and visit you guys. I hope all is well. Take care Brian
  4. That Gregory's looks pretty decent for french food in Texas, I might have to check it out when I go in April. I'm excited to try out Tei-Tei robata grill, that looks amazing and right up my ally. Thanks for all the replies, keep them comming.
  5. I made the butter braised Brussels with radishes and the chocolate brownies and both turned out amazing, sorry I forgot to take a pic, I was too hungry. It's a great book though.
  6. Thanks for all the great info everyone, we do plan on going to Austin for 2-3 days, but just not a 100% sure, we'll have to see when we get there. But I definitely would like to check out Tei-an or Tei Tei and mia's the menu looks good, jsmeeker I'll have to check out that mag about the bbq. Once again Thanks everyone for your input.
  7. Also in regards to my last reply for geographical area, we'll mostly be in Mckinney, TX which is 45min north of Dallas, but we plan on going to Dallas and possibly Austin.
  8. Richard thank you for the recommendations, we're honestly only planning on 2-3 meals the entire week we're there, because we'll be staying with family and my girlfriends mom is an awesome cook. Far as type of cuisine goes, I'd like to eat some good mexican food, definitely some great bbq and a good japanese restaurant. Price range roughly no more than $40-$60 per person. Thanks again
  9. Thanks bmdaniel for the recommendations, these sound good
  10. I'll be there for a week. I'll be staying in a town called Mckinney which is 45 min north of Dallas. We do plan on trying to make it out to Austin if we have time, but Dallas for sure.
  11. Also some great BBQ restaurants in the same area would also be helpful!
  12. I'm going to Texas in April and I'm wondering where to eat? I want to know what is your favorite Mexican/tex-mex, Japanese/Asian restaurants that you would recomend for a foodie? Thanks in advance! Chefb
  13. Definitely that's the way I want it to be great ingredients, but cheap! I do definitely wan a taco of some sort, maybe I change the taco every week, I like the idea of fried chicken and soul food. I don't know when this truck thing is going to happen. I'm just getting ideas of what kind of food I'll sell and just starting up. Thanks
  14. Yeah I could totally see that, being in the south and all, hopefully one day I'll be able to change that. But what are some things that you like to eat? also what would you like to see different in the cuisine?
  15. I'm not exactly sure what kind of food I'm going to serve, I'll probably serve simular foods that are hugr in TN, lot of fresh seafood so I'm thinking catfish po-boys, crab cake sliders with panchetta and home made creole remoulade and house pickles, maybe sous vide beef cheek tacos, bacon-beer brats with traditional accompanyments. I basically want to keep it simple and utilizing local farmers. I'm planning on a trip out to TN, so I can see what the locals are eating.
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