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  1. I'm considering getting him some natto, Japanese kids like that, right?

    Most Japanese kids love natto, mine all ate it when they were young though my oldest (and pickiest) won't touch it any more. Just a warning, no matter how careful you are it will get everywhere. Hair, clothes, chair, table and surrounding walls. I used to strip my kids down to their diaper and then throw them in the bath afterwards...

  2. I still can't decide on a place for dinner for my husband and I, though Valentino at the Venetian is at the top of my list now. I was looking at the Venetian because I was being lazy and didn't want to venture out....but Is there a great restaurant I'm going to miss? I'm thinking about someplace with a tasting menu in the ~$150/pp range, but non-French. I like good solid food and don't really care for this new wave frothy stuff, something I can really sink my teeth in and with bold flavors.

    If you could pick one place in Vegas with these requirements where would it be?

    David and Jeff, I was going through your Vegas Uncork'd report sand all I can say is Wow!

  3. This is a pretty old thread, any updates for the Sedona area? I'll be in Sedona for 3 days right at Christmas with my 3 children (ages 15, 14 and 11) and am looking for some good places to eat. Our hotel seems to have a pretty decent breakfast buffet so we are looking or lunches and dinners. What will the restaurant situation be on Christmas day? Are most places open and serving from the regular menu?

    I have a couple places I'm looking at:

    Red Rock BBQ. BBQ is non-existent in Japan and I get cravings...

    Haunted Burger (in Jerome) this one is for the kids....

    Either Hideaway or Picazzo's for pizza

    Wildflower for a lunch

    The Cowboy Club Grille I was thinking of going here for Christmas dinner, should I make reservations and how far in advance?

    Any other family friendly reasonably priced places?

  4. Hey! We are arriving the 28th and heading back the 3rd. We must meet up for a cocktail. We'll be staying at the Encore at Wynn.

    Sounds great!

    We are actually avoiding the entire strip for the days leading up to NYE thus our staying in Henderson. We head to Venetian on 1/1 and am trying to get our reservations in now for the restaurants that need them. Of course with our group I'm not really planning too many "nice" meals. :rolleyes:

    Is there a certain time of day that would be the best to hit a buffet? We are thinking of going on Tues 1/3.

  5. I'm taking the family to Vegas for about a week and need some help with food choices, it's overwhelming there is so much to choose from. The family on the Vegas portion of the trip (we are spending the week before in Arizona) will consist of my husband and I, our 3 children (ages 15,14, and 11) and my in-laws...So we need so family friendly places. Except for 3 nights at the Venetian, we will be based in Henderson.

    Some specific things I'm looking for:

    A nice restaurant for my husband and I for one night, preferably something in the Venetian/Palazzo. My husband doesn't really care for French style or courses so I was thinking Cut or Tao, though leaning more towards Cut.

    A lunch buffet, I'm not really a buffet person but my mother-in-law is insisting on it...

    A good Hawaiian style place, a strange request but I noticed there are quite a few of them and the whole family loves Hawaiian plate style lunches and poke. Some place in the Henderson area would be nice.

    Good ice cream/frozen yogurt also preferably in the Henderson area.

    We are planning a trip out to Red Rock Canyon/Bonnie Springs is there anyhting in the area good for lunch?

    I could also use a good burger at some point on this trip....

    Some place that have pretty much been decided are:

    Cheescake Factory (Henderson) my kids and in-laws love this place....

    Top of the World (Stratosphere) for lunch after my daughter an I ride the rides

    Hash House a Go Go for breakfast one day, just cause it sounds good and I like large portions when with a group this size

    Grimaldi' Pizza it's close to where we are staying and I'll need a pizza fix before returning to Japan

  6. Someone is making a lot of money on that rice cooker. You can buy the same one here in Japan for just under 30,000 yen ($390 US).

    My rice cooker cost about that 2 or 3 years ago and I love it. It does make great rice, but you have to have good rice to start with. Nothing is going to make bad rice taste good. I choose a rice cooker over a pot for convenience. I make rice everyday and at different times, I need hot rice at 5:20am for my husband's lunch and I don't want to wake up at 4:30 to get the pot on. The timer also comes in handy when I am driving the kids around in the evening and want to come home to a freshly cooked pot of rice. For most Japanese though, it's comes down to space. The average kitchen only has a double burner and in a country that eats soup every day along with their rice, a rice cooker frees up the range so you can prepare another dish.

  7. You will find many "Japanese" products that are either made/manufactured/processed in China or made in Japan using Chinese products. Not only for sale overseas but in Japan as well. Anything that is made in Japan with Japanese ingredients is going to much more expensive that it's made in China counterpart. So if you are seeing a wide range of prices on the shelves the more expensive things will most likely be Japanese made.

    These particular pickles that you bought were processed in China for the Japanese market and then imported by the company Shin Shin.

    in Japanese your package says:


    Country of manufacture: China


    Importer: Shin Shin

  8. I'm planning to arrive with the family at University Circle (Natural History museum) at around 10:30 this morning. Is there anyone who is going to be in that vicinity who can drive me over to the farmers' market (I think they are not far away from each other)?

    I drive right through University Circle to get downtown. I can pick you up in front of the natural history museum, there's a big dinosaur out front. What time do you want to be picked up?

  9. I must have missed this, I can pick him up For the WSM if it hasn't already been decided.

    I going to head over to Chinato and be there about 630p this evening, (if I don't get lost walking from my hotel).

    I'll be able to walk over to the food truck on Friday since it's a few blocks from my hotel, but I'll need transportation for everything else.

    Dave - you can get into someone's car after lunch to go to Crop and back to downtown.

    Beth - would you be willing to pick Dave up and take him to VTR Friday? VTR back to GHT will be easy, and your hotel is a walk or easy ride with almost anyone after dinner.

    Dave - do you know whether you want to shop at the Farmers' Market or the West Side Market on Saturday?

    I think West Side Markets fits with what I need.

    May I have a local volunteer who is going to the WSM pick up Dave downtown on their way to the market? I'm planning to coordinate at the market, and I don't want to over-commit myself to too many things at once.

  10. I'll need a ride to the events this evening if someone can help. I'm downtown at the Embassy Suites.


    David I can get you if no one else has offered. I actually have to drive right by your "neighborhood" to get to anything downtown. I'm on the near east side so not a problem at all. PM me to figure out times.

  11. After a 3 week east coast/Canada road trip the kids and I arrived in Cleveland about an hour ago. My girls have decided they want to join the brunch (from the a la carte menu) and are pretty sure they also want to join the Saturday shopping, cooking and dinner. So you add them to my head count? torakris+2 for Saturday and Sunday.

  12. Not a rush or anything, but just an FYI--if the Eventbrite payment for Thursday evening's event goes up after Tuesday, I'll be on the road so I'll have to pay for my +1 and myself at the event. But don't worry; I'm good for it!

    Me too, I'm currently in Toronto and won't be arriving in Cleveland until late Weds night. I am having a hard time getting wifi here and may not be back on until Thursday.. With all the great places in Toronto I really don't like spending time in McDonald's and Starbucks just for the free wifi.

  13. Sorry I've been so quiet, the kids and I are in the middle of a whirlwind east coast road trip and Internet access has been spotty. I'm more than happy to put together something with Steven and Tom :rolleyes:

    Nancy, do we need a specific head count for the Fiday lunch? I was thinking of bringing the kids along for that one, but I might not know until that morning.

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