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  1. Had a good beer at De Zotte yesterday because it is near us. Tonight a strange and disappointing second visit to da Portare Via (we won't be back!). Hard to fit stuff in because we have been working late. Thank you everybody for your suggestions, hopefully we can have the weekend off!
  2. We really like Gollem and the Brouwerij 't IJ beers but have not yet been to the brewery/pub. In de Wildeman and De Zotte both sound perfect. I would like to try some Genever too.
  3. Hi! We did go to Maoz. I like that you can stuff in as much of the salads as you want, in fact I probably added too much and it all got a bit too confusing to my stomach. It tasted good though! Spicy tempeh sounds great, that is going on my list. Mini reviews: De Waaghals- Nice people, cute space. Had the De Waaghals Classic (from their website): daube d’aubergine (with red wine, portobello and tomato) camembert beignet creamy rice with herbs courgette from the oven with almonds french onion bread 17,90 Interesting blend of taste and textures, satisfying. The portobello (strong, almost smoky flavor balanced well with the blandness of the creamy rice) and stuffed squash (almost tasted of marzipan!) were the highlights. Golden Temple- Indian Thali Plate. Fresh, clean food, not overly salted or spiced so the flavors were more subtle, kind of sneaks up on you how good it tastes... Bolhoed- Went here two months ago on the last trip. We got the daily special. We now call it "the place where we got the most food we have ever eaten". Go hungry! Organic chocolate tofu pie for dessert. Vliegende Schotel- The daily special here also. It was perfectly cooked brown rice and a lentil and vegetable stew. My boyfriend loves this place. Simple, hearty vegetarian food. The dal was really good, tasted of fennel. A meal you might make at home if you didn't tend to over or under cook your brown rice all the time...(who me?) Organic bottled beer. Abyssinia- Thanks to a recommendation that you (markemorse) had given. First time eating with my hands. Felt like I was doing something wrong! Had the combination of four vegetarian dishes. More yummy lentils. Probably ate too much enjera trying to get all the food in my mouth. The pumpkin (doeba) was the highlight. Had coconut beer which was pretty sweet but very interesting. I'm sure I am forgetting something... Editing to include da Portare Via- Had the vegetarian pizza (of course). Made it there just before closing and they whipped one up for us. We asked them to go easy on the cheese. Fresh with good quality ingredients. Had Yam-Yam on the last trip and want to go back when they are back from vacation. I love pizza. P.S. Creakily- nice work!
  4. I have been reading every post from this thread! I have been in Amsterdam for one week and will be here through Monday the 18th. Are there any vegetarian-friendly food experiences I should not miss? I want to go to De Kas before we leave. Has anybody been to Betty's? Had pizza at da Portare Via and a delicious vegetarian meal down the street at De Waaghals. Have also been to Golden Temple, Bolhoed, Vliegende Schotel and Abyssinia. My beer-loving boyfriend is with me too so any recommendations on that front would also be much appreciated... Oh yes and I had an amazing pastry from Holtkamp. Have bike, will travel!
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