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  1. if she doesn't i will its shocking the lack of places to eat in Chester!
  2. thanks all but found this website for anyone elseinterested http://www.creamsupplies.co.uk/index.php
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know any where i can purchase these items and not have to pay MSK there extortionate prices? Also not in metric tonnes as that's the only weight i have found so far. thanks in advance. Aaron Fennell
  4. my sister in law lives in heaton moor my have to "visit" her soon
  5. glad to see sienna got a * about time IMOA and Ynyshir Hall well done "H" if you are on here.
  6. http://www.msk-ingredients.com/ your best bet. hope that helps
  7. hi all, for my brulee i use: 2ltr double milk 20 egg yolks 200g sugar 2 vanilla pods mix it all together and cook over a ban marie until it splits, then put it through a blender and pass it. then into the ramekins to set its awesome creamy and rich Aaron
  8. just booked a table for next tuesday been wanting to go for ages can't wait.
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