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  1. Kerry.

    I just did a project with the sheets have some suggestions that helped . . .

    * don't pre-print the sheets, print the number of moulds that you have.

    * warm the metal backer to the mould with a hair dryer to warm it up.

    * use chocolate a degree or two warmer than you usually use when in temper.

    * after depositing chocolate, leave at room temperature for 15 minutes.

    * go cold for complete crystallization, my fridge is sub 40F.

    * bring back to room temperature before unmolding.

    Following these recommendations I was getting a more than a 95% success rate.

    But we can talk about this when you visit next week.


  2. Thanks, will give it a try.

    Where did you get the "other" polishing compounds?

    I've been using samples I got from Centerchem I think.

    I like the Centerchem polishers as well, I think they are called Capol. I try to polish w/out as much as possible but the cool thing about the polishers is that you can add color or other things. I just panned pop rocks and to the polishing glaze I added color (red), strawberry fruit powder and red interference color. I think they turned out really cool!

    An aside, I find varnishes to be more important than the polishers. They really help to extend shelf life shininess.


  3. The biggest risk is that I'm making 80+ of these and only have a dozen rings (I'll buy some more).  Should I even be using rings or is there a better way?  Anyway, any advice is welcome.  Thanks

    You can make rings out of the acetate, so you don't need the metal rings at all. Or at least you can remove the metal rings right after you add the mouse and let the acetate support it.

    Instead of metal rings - go to Home Depot and get PVC tubing and cut it - it will be less expensive and work the same way. Still line the rings with acetate and they will pop out nicely.


  4. The taste.  :raz:

    OK, on a more serious note: it's not that I dislike them, I just like every single other confection I've made from this book better. The lingering curry flavor at the end, in particular, bothered me a bit. I'm sure I could play around with different curry powders to achieve a better effect (when making curries I don't usually even use the bottled stuff... why did I start now?), but I don't think this one is worth the trouble of experimenting to get it "right"—it's never going to taste as good (to me) as the PB&Js or the Habanos.

    For what it's worth . . . curry is a "hard" flavor to get right. Different spice blends taste different and therefore will be different. I think you hit it on the head, if you wanted to nail this recipe it's about developing your own spice blend to highlight the flavors you want to see in the finished piece. However, I disagree that coming up with a good chocolate curry recipe isn't worth the effort, in my world curry is far superior to PB&J. LOL

  5. Where is a goodsource for purchasing strings? Are they all the same size or do they have to fit the guitar?? I snapped my friend's string and want toget her a few extras... It is a white plasticbase.


    Here is one source . I've also heard that Design and Realization in Montreal (www.dr.ca) sells replacement wire. Apparently the size you are looking for is around 0.5mm. Buying a spool and cutting your own seems to be the easiest option.

    I don't know if when purchasing from Isreal it's easier (cheaper/more convenient) to get things from europe - but vantage house also sells replacement wire. Here is a link.

    I have had success with piano wire. I think I have used 13 gauge in the past.


  6. Would this one work?  It's 42 grams, available from JVK.

    Thanks Kerry, but I want one that is about 15 gms. Maybe they just don't make them that small.

    How about I-1317 from Tomric



    Brian the one she is looking for is like just the top of the egg only. See Joseph Schmidt's website for his standard chocolate.

    Ohhh . . . sorry, I've seen them do the long direction too. My bad.


  7. Easter must be soon upon us (forty five days or so) when I walk away from the marble on a Friday afternoon and staring me in the eye is a three foot tall chocolate bunny! First of the season, I think I have five more to do.

  8. I found what turned out to be a really nice egg nog ganache recipe on Tomric's site - clickety click.  It's made with egg nog, so it tastes like egg nog.  Really nice as a filling for dark chocolate cups topped off with white chocolate foofs and a sprinkling of nutmeg.


    Thanks for the props on my recipe. The first time I made it, it wasn't quite egg nog season and had to make the nog from scratch. Imagine the shelf life on a praline made with nearly raw eggs!


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  9. Just remember that not all lusters are mica-based pearlescent pigments and may not be edible as defined by the FDA. There is a big difference between non-toxic and edible or food safe. Also, even the mica-based pearlescent pigments are only approved for six applications; 1. cereals 2. confections and frostings 3. gelatin desserts 4. hard and soft candies (including lozenges) 5. nutritional supplement tablets and gelatin capsules and 6. chewing gum.


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