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  1. Sam, are you sure that M&R's Rosato is merely a blend of the two? I haven't had it, but an ad for it that I just saw which makes it seems like a different product altogether. The copy from the ad reads: "A crafted blend of light Mediterranean aromatics including citrus fruits and crisp raspberry complemented by soft notes of cinnamon and nutmeg." That doesn't suggest a blend of dry and sweet vermouths to me. Found some Rosato while on vacation for a wedding; I drink a lot of 50/50 sweet/dry vermouth, and this definitely tastes different. It could pass, however, for a Rosso/Extra Dry
  2. That's similar to a drink our bar manager, Hannah Kirshner, created that's on our menu as Green Velvet: 2 oz Henry McKenna (or Bulleit) 1 oz Cherry Heering 2 dashes Fee's OF bitters Had to pay bills tonight, so merged these 2 with; 2 oz Bourbon (house-vatted, don't recall constituents) 0.75 oz Cynar 0.5 oz Heering 2 dashes Peychaud's 1 dash Angostura Very cool drink; thanks.
  3. I may simply be cheap, but I'd be very tempted to use the Beam as my standard pour, while still acquiring 1 bottle of the WT for special occasions.
  4. This is an interesting take; my impression was that the 'distiller' simply told Jimmy that his drink contained formaldehyde just to mess with the kid. I couldn't imagine he would actually sell the stuff with such an additive and hope to maintain a consistent consumer base, so I figured that Jimmy's reaction was simply due to the poor quality of spirit. If you're right, though, wow, that guy's more dastardly than I had believed.
  5. St. Augustine is known to have a large Minorcan cultural presence, which in food terms translates into the preponderance of the datil pepper. Most local seafoods spots feature a "Minorcan clam chowder," which is essentially Manhattan clam chowder + datil pepper. I would also suggest picking up a bottle of datil pepper sauce on the way out of town, if feasible. There's a great little hot sauce shop on St. George street. If you want to go less traditional, the Columbia Restaurant, also on St. George street, is a good example of Cuban-influenced (if I recall correctly) Spanish cuisine, especia
  6. I'm curious to hear your opinion of how well the Angostura worked in this drink. I've taken to combining Regan's & Peychaud's in my Bobbys, since the latter just seems to play better with Scotch to my palate.
  7. In North Carolina (Chapel Hill) at Southern Season, as of today. Enjoyed as Eric suggested, over ice w/ splash of soda & orange twist as an aperitif. Pretty epic.
  8. I've discovered that this is a big problem with people when it comes to whisky in that they try and pigeon hole an expected flavour profile into a specific region. It's true that every region generally has a stamp of a particular profile but it's wrong to look at a sole region for that profile as you will find gems in other regions that give you exactly what you're looking for. For example, there's some fantastic smoked/peated malts from the Highlands that are definitely worth checking out, and even in Speyside something like the BenRiach Curiositas will give you what you're looking for wi
  9. It was Chivas Royal Salute & Ardbeg Supernova for me this season. These two couldn't be more dichotomous if they tried: the former, aged & blended for maximum suaveness, the latter carrying no age statement but packing 58.9% abv & 100+ ppm of peat. I also picked up some Black Grouse to have around as a standard pour -- anyone had this stuff? I know its sibling is popular around here, but had never heard of this version. The label claims that it's a smokier, peatier Grouse, which at $30/1.75L was enough for me.
  10. You mean it's no longer "Seven Summers Old"? That is ominous. Last year I had someone bring me back a bottle Pikesville Rye from Maryland (I know it's not made there, but I figured that they should be able to easily find it there), and it's my understanding that it used to be aged 4 years, but this bottle is clearly marked "This whiskey is 3 years old." I don't think I like this trend. I hope distillers aren't rushing to get product onto the shelves and cutting time off the aging process. Correct. As far as I could tell from a thorough examination of the label, there is no reference to th
  11. A couple years ago, I used Aberlour A'bunadh as the base for a Bobby Burns that proved much more interesting than one made with either my usual vatted blend or my general step-up, Glenfarclas 12. Of course, this isn't much different from the Manhattan that you mention in the topic-starter. I do recall bostonapothecary doing some interesting things with Macallan Cask Strength over in the "Drinks!" thread, perhaps a year ago.
  12. For a while, El Jimador was mostly selling (and may still be in some places), non-100% product. I know I did a double-take a few months back when I spotted their labels sporting the 100% distinction. The EJ Blanco is my current house pour.
  13. Off hand, I know Henry McKenna single barrel to be BiB.
  14. Because you find White Horse so wonderful ? Could you elaborate on that, please ? Actually, the opposite; I can't find in it a focused flavour that I would describe as pleasurable. The menagerie of flavour notes, to me at least, come off as more a ragged harshness, rather than a complex whole. Perhaps it is the unwitting victim of undue expectations on my part, having read the back label before purchase and noting that whisky from Talisker, Lagavulin & Linkwood are in the blend. Given that provenance, I feel as if I should like it, but simply can't force myself to, despite heartened ef
  15. The Hardy VS is my got-to for mixing at home since it is delicious and goes on sale with some regularity. I confess to not having tried anything higher but they tend to go on sale quite often as well and I may snag a VSOP next time I see it. The way I look at it, Hardy is so inexpensive that even if the VSOP is "only" as good as the VS, it's still not really a waste of $25-30 since thats what it takes to get a bottle of VS from one of the bigger houses to begin with. Speaking of which, I've seen Martell VSOP with a red label around lately in the low 30s...anybody ever tried this? I've been thi
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