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  1. I wasn't going to post this but I've got the grumps so i will, was I the only one who noticed that Turnips where charging £7.80 per kilo for Jersey Royals last weekend, compared to £4.80 from the mushroom stall, from the same supplier. Surely someone should do something about the general level of rip off at some of the stalls, and Turnips in particular which charge premium price for product which is often the same as on Lewisham Market, eventually people will twig what is happening, its reputation will slide and people will stop coming to the market which will be sad for everyone. regards Phil
  2. i seem to remember a section in Kitchen Confedential on the inadvisability of buying cut price sushi, surely this comes under the same heading. i am glad this happens to luminaries of this site as well. makes me feel better. all the best Phil
  3. phillaurie

    Black Cod

    Applebys is like most good fishmongers, not all the stock is good but they always have something that is. Thats why I almost never have a shopping list when buying fish, the same can be said for Borough as whole, not all stock is of the very highest standard. But there again most markets in France, Italy and elsewhere are the same. Current favourite stall is the Isle of White Tomato man, a tray of beefsteak toms has made 5 Jam jars of Tomato ketchup which is a revelation. I will certainly try the Waitrose in the Wharfe, next time I visit Gotham City. BTW, does anyone use Ocado internet service
  4. phillaurie

    Black Cod

    Thanks for the web site. Yes I am in London, it was from Applebys in London Bridge, where I shop every week, and the one time I had a fixed list he didn't have what I wanted and felt a bit sorry for me. anyway, all the best Phil
  5. phillaurie

    Black Cod

    My fishmonger gave me some Black Cod at the weekend for the same price as Halibut, a reasonable discount on the £26 per Kilo cost, no very reasonable. I grilled it and we had it with a butter sauce, everyone round the table thought it was fantastic, it had a wonderfull gelatinous flavour/texture. But I have a couple of questions : 1. Where does Black Cod come from ? 2. Is it sustainably fished ? 3. It was great grilled, how else can you cook it, I have no recipies in my 200 odd cookbook collection. THANKS Phil
  6. phillaurie

    Gales HSB

    If memory serves me right, The Market Porter in Borough Market has HSB fairly regularly, and if they don't they will have something a bit different. You should also find it at the London Drinker Beer Festival which is being held this week, it is usually at Camden Town Hall, and again if it isn't there there will be alternatives. Cheers. Phil
  7. Try Richard Olneys The Good Cook Series for Time Life, and has amongst its 27 volumes, ones on Game and Fish Cookery, as with the series as a whole these are essential.
  8. Ernest Hemmingway, an expert in these things, preferred a ratio of 15 to 1 Gin to Vermouth, and called it a Monty, after the British General Montgommery, because he would not attack unless he outnumbered the enemy by this ratio. I like to fill a shaker with ice, pour in a small amount of vermouth, shake to coat the ice, pour off any free vermouth, add the gin, stir briefly and pour into chilled glasses. A lemon twist is all that is needed, perhaps some home made salted crisps.
  9. How do you make the peach juice ? Mine turns a kind of mucky brown which spoils the effect ? I 've got the recipe from the Harry's Bar cookbook which is great, its just the colour that bugs me.
  10. Your partner is out with her/his mates at the local Thia, the kids are in bed, you've been shopping and heading into forbidden territory. The meal they hate....... For me tonight this was Lambs liver ( superior even to calves in my opinion ), with smoked streaky bacon from Portwine butchers in Londons Covent Garden ( no debate here its the best ) and golden fried onions on a mound of mashed potatos ( made the French way with its cooking liquid, butter and salt and pepper no cream or milk ). The blood from the liver soaks into the potatos, a dollop of dijon was almost but not quite superflous.
  11. i agree, shepherds pie can be pretty bad. However made with care at home it is one of my absolute all time best suppers. After much experimenting I now use the recipe in "the prawn cocktail years " by simon hopkinson and lindsey bareham. which is a classic for anyone who likes british cooking. for the meat use 750 gr of minced lamb, onion, celery, carrots brown in a heavey dish add salt and pepper, sprinkle over a tablespoon of flour add tomato ketchup, and mushroom ketchup,stir add 150 ml water and cook gently for 45 mins put into a baking dish and top with dryish, fluffy mashed potatos.
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