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  1. In the world of science (the 21st Century world), declaring someting to be true is not enough to be accepted as true. On the internet, such a declaration is less accepted as truth.
  2. I would say something that has a fair amount of low osmolality water in it like canned fruit in natural juice because it provides some clean water and some nutrition. The next best thing would be calorie dense foods.
  3. Can you watch these on Hulu or something?
  4. Sorry but, assuming you're a man, this is pretty drama queenish. I've eaten dozens of tasting menus (although not at Alinea). Most leave you full but not Thanksgiving stuffed and some leaved you sated. If you're a man (which I assume judging by your username), just show up reasonably hungry and leave the hysterics at the door.
  5. I dunno what your bottle is but you could start by spelling the beverage correctly...sake. And, while I'm not saying your bottle is not safe to drink, to the best of my knowledge it is to be drunk the fresher the better.
  6. I'm going with the inside oven since it's only 84 degrees F outside. Ultimately, I think there's too much bottom heat...the crust will get burned. If anyone has experience baking pizza in a gas grill, I'd love to know what you think though.
  7. I did not read through the whole thread so I apologize if this has been covered. Can I heat my grill (I use Grill Grates on it...great product) and use that as the oven? I'm not looked for a "grilled" pizza...I plan to use the half sheet pan but to use my Weber Genesis as the oven. Do you think I'll get an acceptable product? TIA
  8. Damn. Luckily the stuffer attachment is cheap. I'm going to give it a shot. If I'm a good sausage maker, I'll buy a vertical one. If I suck, I only wasted like 12 bucks on the KA device. No one has any suggestions for a good cookbook for sausages/terrines/pates?
  9. Thanks all. For the test run and "clean out" of the new rollers, I just did with butter and microplaned parmesan. I slightly overcooked the pasta but otherwise a success. Love the new toy.
  10. I don't think that I'll be making stuff like procuitto but I did buy a meat grinder and sausage stuffer for my KA. Do y'all recommend Ruhlman and Polcyn for the sausage recipes or would you recommend another book for sausage? TIA! ETA: I'm interested in terrines and pates too...I guess I'm interested in ground meat charcuterie but not whole chunk of meat charcuterie at this time...Is this a good starter cookbook?
  11. Thanks all. I bought the roller kit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00004SGFS Psyched to start making fresh and stuffed pastas. Can this be used to make soba?
  12. I just bought a Kitchenaid Pro 600 mixer and I hope to get the pasta making attachment this week. I really love quality dried pasta but I wanted to try making fresh. What recipes do you recommend that really show the fresh pasta to its best advantage? I know stuffed pastas but what about the non-stuffed ones?
  13. Your post doesn't make any sense at several levels. First of all, if the cut of meat is tender already (tenderloin), why would you think that stewing it would make it tender? To answer your question, of course you could slow cook a piece of tenderloin but it would be one of the dumbest ways to cook a tender cut. Slow, wet cooking methods are good for cuts with a lot of fibrofatty tissue like chuck. I think that if you cook tenderloin in liquid for a long time, you get mealy, dry meat. The "best way" to cook different cuts of meat has been optimized over, probably, centuries. With the exception of sous vide, I'm not aware of any great breakthoughs in meat cooking technique although I did not stay at Holiday Inn last night.
  14. I've never heart of putting chicken bullion or instant dashi into fried rice. I agree with Ambra, you will just make the rice mushy...not what most people are looking for.
  15. No disrespect to the original poster but I find this kind of post silly. What one wants to watch on TV is intensely personal. I have noted that the eGullet crowd TENDS 1. To love: Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and several other PBS "celebrities" (Lydia) 2. To hate: Rachel Ray, Sandra Lee, Bobby Flay Here's why I don't like this kind of post: 1. It has been done many, many times before 2. There is no wrong or right. a. There is the element of time. Julia was ahead of her time in ~1965. That being said, "The French Chef" is not appealing to me in 2011. b. Some of us who are more advanced home cooks may look to TV for things other than learning now to cook an egg or a leg of lamb (we have mastered these). c. What's wrong with some cleavage or a pretty face (or a good looking guy for the ladies)?
  16. I call BS on putting on gloves to handle produce in Italy. I've been in many stores in Italy selling produce and I've never seen s customer don gloves.
  17. Paracelsus said that all things are poisons, the difference is in the dose (or something to that effect). Is water toxic? Yes, it is.
  18. I agree but what are your qualifications?
  19. I think that using the French as an example for anything other than fine cuisine is a bad idea.
  20. Interesting responses. I am probably the most expert in pharmaceuticals (from what I can gather) among the eGullet posters. I agree that "empty stomach" reasonably means 1 hour prior to eating or 2 hours post prandial. Honkman is wrong. Food effect can either increase the overall absorption (AUC) or speed of absorption (tmax) or decrease those indices; it depends on the formulation. Whether this makes an appreciable difference depends on what the drug and indication are.
  21. Disagree. I've had both and the instant is more consistent. From scratch can be good or bad.
  22. I'm glad you'll get to dine at Komi. I've tried all the places suggested here...they're all fluff compared to Komi.
  23. Roger that. I will try that next time. My wife loved the dish...I thought it was good but not great.
  24. Thanks all. I glommed together a bunch of recipes I found online. I marinated in basically garlicky teriyaki sauce. Coated in cornstarch and deep fried. The sauce was garlic/ginger frizzled. Ketchup White vinegar Sugar Chicken stock Soy sauce Chili flakes Turned out fine but not spectacular. I'd like to do something to keep the shrimp crunchy next time (I tossed the shrimp in the sauce at the last second but not quite the result I was looking for.
  25. Agree. At least in the US, not liking a dish is not a reason to be compensated in any way. If a piece of fish is off or if your (reasonably expensive) steak is not cooked properly, you can get the dish refired but not if you didn't like what you ordered.
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