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  1. No direct answer, but a business man I highly respect once told me to NEVER go into a space that has failed in the past. He said your chances of failing also increase.
  2. You can also use a needle, like a darning needle to make the cuts. It leaves a very small, clean cut.
  3. Don't know where you are coming from, but there is a Chuck-a rama in St. George.
  4. They sell them in Moab, Darienne, you just didn't go to those places:-) A little north of I70 in Santaquin, is the Family Tree. They have huge ones they call Elephant Ears. For those not familiar with "our" version, it is simply fried bread dough. Similar to Navajo fry bread, but not cooked in lard (hopefully). Most places that serve breakfast will have them. Slather on some honey butter and you have your heart attack just waiting. Johanna's has good ones, too, but it is in the Salt Lake Valley and too far from I70.
  5. Steve and Katie are really nice people. I have known them for several years. The show doesn't teach much, but it is nice to see some of the work they produce. Their shop has been VERY busy since the show has aired.
  6. Bring this older topic up again. I have been looking at a Perfect. Anyone have new information about reasonably priced enrobers?
  7. I second the suggestion for the Marché Jean-Talon. It is in Little Italy and we stumbled on to it accidentally . It is a wonderful market.
  8. Each mold has 12 impressions. I started out with 6 but added 4 more this year. You can never have too many molds!!
  9. Here are my Easter bunnies. White are passionfruit marshmallow, milk are gianduja and dark are manjari/madagascar. They are just looking for a good home.
  10. Are you using the same chocolate each time?
  11. I'm guessing you cooked it too slowly. Pot might have been too small and you cooked too slow to avoid boiling over?
  12. A strange little question--are all the strings on the guitar supposed to play the same "note"? I'm wondering if I have them all tightened about the same and how do I tell?
  13. Here is where you can get the mikado's. https://www.auiswisscatalogue.com/593002/2_CHOCOLATEMIKADOS.html
  14. Looks great, Kerry. Your lighting looks really good and bright.
  15. I used the Nov 29 recipe. I think I will try the Nov 10 recipe next time.
  16. Very interesting recipe. I cooked to 121C. (actually 242F for my altitude) They are perfect texture. I think I got the caramel too dark before adding butter and cream. The texture is very smooth and tender. It all but dissolves in your mouth, leaving a very clean feel. There is a slight bit of flow, but not much at all. I would like more of a dairy taste as these are mostly a burnt sugar taste, probably because I over did it. I also think I can taste the lecithin. What would happen with less?
  17. I agree about the thin layer. Another thing you can do it put the chopped nuts in a deep-sided bowl or baking pan. Push nuts to one end, leaving a thin layer of nuts on the "thin" end. Place your dipped truffles on the thin layer of nuts. Before they set up, take a spoon of nuts or have a helper cover the coated truffles with another layer of nuts. You keep doing this building up 2 or 3 layers of truffles. You work your way to the center of the bowl or pan. when you run out of nuts and the truffles are set, gently shake the pan and the truffles will magically rise to the surface and you pick them out and place in cups. You keep repeating this and you will have them done in no time. I used to have my children do this for me. My son would play bulldozer with the nuts and then forklift driver. Hey--it worked!!:-)
  18. Wouldn't the wire that Dedy supplied with the guitar be the correct wire? I haven't tried it again as I don't have time right now. I'll get out my trusty knife for the one cut that is missing.
  19. The wire is what was supplied with the Dedy. It was breaking at the bolt. Must be tightening too much?
  20. I broke my first guitar wire today. Husband tried to replace. 3 broken wires later, he quit. He threads it, wraps it around and gets it where he thinks it should be and it breaks again. Is there a simple way to do this? He isn't particularly mechanical, but it just can't be that hard. Help--anyone?
  21. I use a commercial kitchen that has two Royal convection ovens. I really like them--have no idea on price.
  22. I live at 5000 feet. You won't need to do much except up the oven temp 25 degrees. If you are making cakes etc, then you have more issues.
  23. Have any of you had an apprentice? What is the protocol? Here is the deal. A gal contacted me several months ago and asked if I would consider letting her apprentice under me. She was willing to sign a non-compete and a confidentiality agreement. She is not planning on staying in the state and just wanted to explore some possibilities. She is in her 30s, married with one child. She is going to school and works in an Italian deli. She comes one day a week for about 6 hours. She has no experience in chocolate, and doesn’t seem particularly gifted in that area. She has come for 3 weeks, driving 30 miles each way. I provide her lunch. She will work for about 4 more weeks, then needs to work her regular job for the Holidays. I am trying to teach her general stuff, tempering, a little dipping, etc. I don’t want her really involved with making my chocolates, as I can’t afford to have someone learn when I am busy getting my stock built for the Holidays. On the other hand, I don’t think it is fair to just have her do grunt work. Anyone in a one-person shop has to do it all, but I don’t want her to have to spent all her time cleaning molds, and putting finished chocolates away or boxing. She is left-handed and I am not, so it is really hard to have her do much with the chocolate. I do have her hand dip small samples that don’t matter how they look. This is hard because of her left handedness. I have not, and will not have her involved in making ganache. I will show her how to make a ganache, but not my formulas. Here is my question: Do I offer to pay her for her time? She isn’t particularly helpful, but she is willing to try. Do I get her a gift card on her last day? What is my moral obligation to her? I know she could use the money, but I am not set up for payroll. She has never hinted that she expects anything, but I don’t know what is standard. Anyone?
  24. This is a picture of our booth at the Colorado Chocolate Show 2009. Pictured are my daughter and daughter-in-law. (they work cheap:-)
  25. Take a box with all sorts of stuff you might never use but wish you had. duct tape masking tape scissors bandaids pen/pencils paper-clip board change copy of your license/health permits bottled water paper towels are they providing tables and chairs? what about skirting for the tables? do you have to pay for electricity? wifi waste basket/box gloves signage This is just the starting list. Shows are a lot of hard work, but in the end, they are sort of fun.
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