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  1. On 9/15/2021 at 2:31 PM, pastrygirl said:

    Does anyone currently use Duerr Packaging?  I've sent two inquiries and have not heard back.  If you use them, are you usually happy with the quality and turnaround time?  


    edited to add: maybe they only sell through distributors?  I'll try the distributor ...


    I have used Duerr for years. Very happy with them. I originally went with a local company, Utah Paper Box. They do quality work, but doubled my price from the first order. I sent my boxes to Duerr to get a quote. They came in closer to my original price. They copied the boxes exactly with custom paper and hot stamp as well.  I do pay shipping and usually have a little damage, but it is still lots cheaper. They are doing my boxes right now. I'm very happy with them.  Ask to talk to Dale. He is my sales rep. They are very slow to get out orders right now. Usually not a problem, but Covid and messed up everything.

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  2. I talked to the people at Decagon about this. It doesn't matter what the ingredient is, eggs or cream cheese or whatever. If it is "clean" going in and meets the aW, it is safe. At Callebaut in Montreal, we learned a good recipe that uses lemon curd in the ganache. I have made it for years and there is no problem, other than I eat too much of it.

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  3. 20 minutes ago, Kerry Beal said:

    I understand completely! Takes me a while to start playing with my toys too.


    Options I've seen people use - the oven (if it can go to low temperatures). A 12V camping cooler/heater - will give you around 10º C warmer than room temperature. You might find an incubator somewhere for a much better price and if you get a big enough one you could put the bins in there along with your colours. A used Savage melter - I believe the size that @Chocolot has a couple of holds 25 lbs. 



    The smallest Savage holds 50#.

  4. If I'm trying a new filling, I will test as I make it. I will spoon out a little ganache, put it in the freezer for a few minutes and then test. That way, I can make adjustments if needed. I find the "test" improves over several days. If it is good when i make it, i know it will be good later.

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  5. 18 hours ago, Jim D. said:

    Me too.  I have a tiny little sharp knife that I sometimes use.  I would love to find a tiny angled spatula that would fit into a cavity, but it would have to be so small that there would be no room for the angled part. There must be some tool somewhere that would do it.  The finger approach has the added advantage of heating up the ganache a tiny bit to nudge it into flatness.  I have never been able to figure out why some (not many) dark ganaches self-level and most do not.  Over the years I have been gradually inching up the temp at which I pipe to get as much fluidity as possible without melting the shells.


    I wait until ready to cap, then use a plastic spoon to scoop out the excess ganache. It has the advantage of a convex shape which leaves a concave space in the ganache. I usually end up with one or two peaks per tray and this takes care of them. Someday, I might actually pipe a whole tray without any peaks:).

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  6. On 10/9/2020 at 6:33 PM, pastrygirl said:

    Back to the original question - I use mostly Felchlin and AUI does give a volume discount above $750 (but of course that doesn't apply to sale items).  I don't know much about Valrhona's Cercle V but there appear to be perks associated with using a lot of their chocolate - trips, social media, hopefully discounts. 


    I buy Valrhona and Cacao Barry through Peterson (wholesaler here and in NJ), Valrhona Dulcey is around $81/3kg, raspberry Inspiration was about $106,  and CB Zephyr is around $88/5kg


    Caputo's has a good selection of Valrhona, might be worth a wholesale inquiry.  https://caputos.com/



    The wholesale end of Caputo's is Apriori.  https://aprioridistribution.com/. I get good pricing from them, except on Yuzu inspriation! That just about emptied my bank account!

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  7. 5 hours ago, Louise nadine brill said:

    Any advice out there on freeze dried fruit for bar inclusions? I see so many gorgeous bars with piles of freeze dried fruit on the and I keep wondering how the texture is kept crunchy? I opened a bag of freeze dried strawberries, resealed it, and a week later all of the crunchiness was gone - I cant imagine that they stay texturally pleasing Once they’re exposed to air on a chocolate bar. I am planning to give it a go - people are doing it, so it must be possible😁 - but wondered if egulleters had some tips for me?


    I asked Wendy at Socola. She showed me the little pack of moisture absorbing stuff she puts in each package to take care of the problem.

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  8. 43 minutes ago, GRiker said:

    @RobertM, certainly sounds like many years of experience not to disagree!  


    Anyone else using the caramel molds like chocolot is using?   They look super handy.  I'm kind of obsessive about getting my caramels all the same size.  A chef knife and a ruler don't give the accuracy I'm looking for.  I've thought about a caramel cutter, but the silicone caramel square molds seem easier than using a caramel cutter.


    They seems relatively 


    I saw several very inexpensive brands on amazon.  I usually subscribe to the "you get what you pay for" so usually don't go for the lowest priced option.


    I found the following brands that look quality when I did some looking.

    • O'Creme runs about $0.50 per cavity
    • Chef Rubber runs about $1.15 per cavity
    • Truffly Made runs about $1.40 per cavity
    • JB Prince runs about $1.50 per cavity

    Does anyone have real experience using these (or other brands)?  Any issues with release?  Any thing that surprised you with how they work?



    Chef Rubber has lowered the price from when I purchased. They are now $88. I used to cut with roller knives. I saw the molds at JinJu in Las Vegas. She had full sheet pan sized ones, not the quarter sheet size I have.

  9. Bob and I had the same idea today😀. I have used serious copper pots for years, but I can’t lift them anymore. The electric pot works wonders. I made a 2000 gram batch this morning. I put in ingredients, stirred and left it to wash dishes. 30 minutes later, it was the color I wanted. I just needed to add butter, salt and finally vanilla. No stirring or sticking. Pot is easy to clean. A few things to remember. This pot is great for Maillard caramels, not burnt sugar ones. There are several different sizes of pots. Get the largest one.  Sorry photos are out of order. 




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  10. 2 hours ago, weinoo said:

    Bread I made yesterday. Recipe from Cuisinart food processor booklet, kneaded in Cuisinart. 10% white whole wheat flour subbed for white A/P flour.



    And baked in the CSO...quite soft and fluffy.


    Let's say I wanted to bake this in a loaf pan?  What quantity of dough would I use for either size of loaf pan?


    My loaves were 725 grams each. 


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