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  1. I have a friend called Tom, who a while ago said he was going to be on tv for his cooking. He wasn't allowed to tell me what it was but I have a suspicion it was for Professional Masterchef.

    He's worked at the Vineyard (2 michelin stars) in Berkshire for well over a year now and comes home to share his new skills every now and then, which are astounding. Bar any nerves, he's definately one to watch (if he is actually even on the programme hehe).

  2. Gilpin Lodge's renovations ensure it is still the best place for midweek 3 course lunch. The new bar, almost Japanese in style is bright and airy and surrounded by newly lanscaped gardens, which on a fine day is heaven to relax in.

    For a rather grey Tuesday afternoon, the place was extremely busy, which is nice, lots of people who speak just like the queen splashing out on copious amounts of wine.

    Serrano ham, with apple puree, truffle and baby vegetables was summer on a plate. A strikingly beautiful starter to look at, with a veriety of flavours and textures, it was a pleasing way to start.

    Main course of pork done three ways, with black pudding, spring onion, baby vegetables and sage jus was just my kind of food. Comparing this to newly opened Rogan and Company, which I have been impressed with, reminded me of why Gilpin is my favourite place to lunch.

    Chocolate biegnet, citrus relish, blood orange sorbet and carrot foam, was three minature deserts side by side and all tasted beautiful when eaten together.

    £20 for 2 or £25 for 3 courses represents terrific value, especially if you're lucky enough to eat in the garden room. On this showing, it will certainly win back its michelin star.

  3. Thinking of making a trip here next week. Before though, I have a couple of questions.

    1) Is it worth making a four hour journey? Obviously I'd make a few days of it by staying in nearby Harrogate.

    2) For anyone who has been to both, is it better than Northcote Manor. I could choose a visit to either, though I prefer the idea of spending a few days in Harrogate as opposed to Blackburn.

    Any info, welcome!

  4. Well, I went this Sunday and thought the place was excellent, from the service to the food.

    The bowl of bread we were given while mulling over the menu was....incredible. There were about 6 different kinds and so much of it, I was worried we'd lose our appetite. Luckily, we never.

    Service was hillariously brilliant. The fact we were immediately asked if we'd like 'tap water' impressed me, as so frequently you're made to feel alien being satisfied with water. We were each poured the water and the jug was left on the table. Ordinarily, you'd be left to pour it yourself but here before your glass was empty, a waiter would be over to top it up. I had to stifle laughter, not because I thought it was annoying but because it was just indicitive of the most amazing service I've known. Even the way we were greeted on walking through the doors was like they were there to please us.

    Unfortunately, of the four of us, I chose the least inspiring starter; broad beans and chorizo. It was lovely but the others looked more interesting.

    Pork Belly with honey-glazed carrots was a pure joy, cooked to perfection with the crackling the nicest I've ever had. I was slightly disappointed it was only served with carrots and nothing else but it was a decent size and beautiful in itself.

    Dessert was Chocolate and Praline Tartufo, which arrived in a paper lined bowl and the deeper I dug into it, the more surprises lay in store; so many different textures and temperatures and chocolateyness.

    The toilets are worth a visit themselves and again, are enough to make me laugh. It was all completely efficitent; the toilet flushes instinctively, the taps and soap motion censored, the lights switch on and off through the movement of the door. All very James Bond.

    The restaurant, while I've listened to people complain it is a bit Airport lounge in style, impressed me. I thought it was extremely classy for a place so big, the room was lit extremely ambiently/romanticly and the chairs were good enough to sleep in.

    Roughly £33-45 pound each, you can eat quite cheaply or extravagantly as you like depending on what you choose. We had 12 different courses between us and they were all fantastic.

  5. Okay, thank you for the replies.

    So firstly, I use the 2nd half of the Vermouth when cooking the shallots, while also at the same time adding a boquet garni...cook off the shallots, remove them, then cook the mushrooms... In the end - all the vermouth should have disappeared?

  6. Hello, I am due to make dinner for family members visiting. I've promised a certain Chicken Fricassee we saw being made on TV last year.

    However, I cannot make sense of the recipe, so PLEASE could someone in the know clarify what I need to do? Please, you'd save my life.

    First, I'll post the recipe - then I'll tell you what I don't understand.


    This is the recipe.... Now here is what I don't understand

    "Deglaze with ½ the dry vermouth" - What happens with the other half?

    "Now add the mushrooms to the stock and cook for 5 minutes, remove mushrooms and add to the onions and the bouquet garni." - What onions? Which stock? The one used to cook the chicken or the one used to cook the shallots? Where does the boquet garni come from?

    Any other bits of the recipe you can see that aren't clear but you think you can clarify, please do.

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

  7. Didn't go on Sunday, I actually went to

    Jericho's at the Waverley, in Windermere tonight and from the moment we were greeted by the amazingly homely and friendly Penny, to the moment we collected our jackets and strolled off into the night, every second was a pure joy.

    Possibly one of the finest evenings out I've ever had. The newly renovated restaurant at the Waverley is quite a small venue, all candle lit, contemporarly decorated and the place was completly packed and buzzing. Once the place filled and the bottles of wine were being emptied, I've never known an atmosphere better, lots of loud chatter and laughter, it's really amazing to be part of somewhere like that in the Lake District, which on the whole tends to edge closer to the more reserved or hushed side.

    Service was impeccable in every sense, each course seperated by just the right amount of time, drinks served promptly, asked if we'd like more bread etc etc

    The food was beautiful, not sure quite how is best to describe it, I'd say it has a rustic feel but presented in a refined way. The egg pasta, sausage, duck breast and broad bean starter was the best thing I ate all night. The pasta was like no other I've ever had; I didn't realise how light and delicate it could be, it just melted in the mouth.

    I also had beef for mains which was served with mushrooms, red wine sauce and fries. The beef was devine, I could almost have eaten it through a straw, it was so tender and succulent. My partners had sea bass and chicken mains, both which were presented as if from the highest end type of place and reviews were universally positive.

    For dessert I had a dark chocolate frangelica and hazlenut barvois, which was light as a feather and a lovely way to round of a magnificent dinner.

    Including drinks, it came to about £40 each, which compared to other places is an absolute bargain. Every element of a decent night in a restaurant was fulfilled. Definately a place to be at the weekend when the place is guaranteed to be full, I can't recommend the place enough, which is strange because I've still not seen much in the way of reviews for here.

    Still, they've won best restaurant in the Lakes a couple of times and business is clearly doing well. I can't wait to go back!

  8. According to the Good Food Guide, you could do worse than go to Berkshire.

    Though if I am also to be biased, I'd say come to the Lake District! There's nothing better than walking for 10 hours during the day, surrounded by the most stunning scenery, working up a hunger, then eating amazing food.

  9. When you say 'I ate downstairs', does that mean you 'had to'? We went yesterday and while the food was great again, we were disappointed that we had to eat downstairs as it just felt less of an ocassion. Wonder if that's a new thing for lunches?

    The menu has changed slightly, mainly with just a few (welcome) additions. Eesh, I'm obsessed with the place.

  10. Zebrano @ The Establishment on Greek Street, London offer from the 9th July every Wednesday, diners to pay what they feel their meal is worth, similar to what Radiohead did with their recent album.

    Why can't everywhere do this?!!

    Has anyone been here, and how much do you think it is worth?

    EDIT: And would you pay what you genuinely thought it was worth?

  11. I wonder whether the menu will change much at Rogan & Company?

    Well according to a 5* review in the North West Evening Mail, they're already changing the menu, so I'll be back again with interest : )

    Gary, you're lucky to have such open minded friends when it comes to food! There's no way I could ever convince a friend to pay anything like L'Enclume prices, unless like me, they were slightly obsessed.

    And Bertie is right about L'Enclume? As much as I REALLY want to try L'Enclume, which I'll be doing next month, the place hardly looks like a 'venue', in fact it looks even less special than when the tables had cloths! Still places can have a transformative feel, once evening falls.

  12. I wonder whether the menu will change much at Rogan & Company? I mean, it is all beautiful, there's a nice choice and specials but will it be a place I'd want to return to for a 5th, 6th, 7th time? Possibly, because I love it but I'd hope for new dishes to try.

    Oh and I wouldn't mind hearing where else you tried, just for reference!

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