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  1. If you have a food processor, freeze the mixture until nearly solid (or if very solid leave out of the freezer a little while), then put it into the food processor and whizz round (you may have to do this in batches), then put back to refreeze.

    What attachment do you use? The knife blade presumably

    Thanks for the replies.

  2. The Highwayman Inn, owned by Nigel Howarth is excellent and they are also proud of their suppliers. See the long list here:


    My favouite pub will always be the Bay Horse in Ulverston, however. Think they recently won small hotel of the year, or something. It's somewhere I visit after a long, hard day's walk in the Lake District. It's absoultely fantastic, wonderfully traditional, cosy, there's always an good atmosphere and you wouldn't feel out of place taking your shoes off. The modern conservatory, acting as the main restaurant in the evenings is utterly stunning, on the ocean edge and with a mountainous backdrop. They serve traditional food made to a much higher than average standard.

  3. Rhodes 24 has excellent views of the business district. You could show her where the recession started. Sorry, only kidding but good question, I'd also like to know where has the best views. I looked round for ages a few years ago for places on the river but ended up somewhere totally different. We did however, have champagne at Vertigo 42, which (has possibly unparalleled views) serves food but the reviews I read were not too positive.

  4. I'll be going on a Coast to Coast walk this Spring, which should take about 12 days to complete. Along the way we'll be having to eat in pubs or B&Bs or cafes, I'm not familiar with and judging by reports, we'll do well to eat anywhere better than average pub fare.

    Just wondering if anyone, based on this map is able to suggest somewhere decent to eat at any of the marked locations OR suggest a slight detour at any point for something a bit more special than sandwiches.


  5. Living out in the sticks makes my restaurant experiences rather limited, so I tend to frequent the same relatively few restaurants (which are mainly very good) so I always take an interest in what's happening. Which is why news like this makes me a little excited and concerned at the same time!

    I'm wondering why Chris would move away from Gilpin Lodge (when I thought they were chasing a star) and move to the Punchbowl? What are the Punchbowl's ambitions now? Aww, Gilpin Lodge was my favourite place to eat ever.

    I enjoy a visit to th Punchbowl during the winter, so I'll look forward to that.

  6. Anyone stuck for somewhere to go just before Christmas in the area, would be pushed for finding a better place than Clarence House. I've been visiting this place for pre-Christmas dinner for a few years now and it has always been a lovely venue, with reasonably decent food. Though since picking up 2 AA Rosettes late last year, they seem to have stepped it up a couple of notches and are exhibiting a more adventurous menu than ever before. The food looks delicate on the plate, is utterly delicious and for £35 a head, I'm impressed. Service is smart and the relatively new extension makes for as nicer place to dine as anywhere else in the Lakes. £20 for lunch makes it more than a match for Rogan and Company for anyone heading this way. I only mention this because I don't think it is already in the thread and I think is probably worth an inclusion for anyone having a scan through.

  7. A trip to R&C would be a good idea. We went for lunch today and were happy the menu had completely changed since our last visit a few months ago. There was nothing on there that didn't make my mouth water. I could eat there every day.

    There's a B&B in the main square at Cartmel that offer non-residents lunch. You're effectively sat in this old fellah's house, while he makes your dinner and serves it to you. Peculiar in the most charming way possible.

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