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  1. Speaking from experience, I would strongly advise against using any of the Fees Bitters as a base, that much glycerine will ruin any drink.
  2. Hey all, Down here in the Southwest at Scott & Co cocktail lounge, we find ourselves using bitters as a base quite often, like a little too much. I gotta say after Maksym convinced me to buy a copy of Rogue Cocktails off of him at Tales 09', I kind of went a little nuts with the bitter base idea. Here are two drinks off of the Spring menu. And a Tiki drink and two flips. Tres Sangres Angostura 1/2 oz Regans Orange 1/2 oz Peychauds 1/2 oz Dolin Rouge 1 oz (Punt e Mes works as well) Del Maguey Mezcal Vida 1/2 oz 2:1 Demerara Syrup 1/2 oz Ice, Stir, Strain into rocks glass or coupe. Lemon and Orange Twist. Crimson and Clover Carraway infused Campari 1 oz Peychauds 1/2 oz Creme de Cacao 3/4 oz 2:1 Simple -1/4 oz Lemon 1/2 oz Egg White Dry shake White and Lemon, add the rest and shake with Ice, strain into a large coupe, garnish with a smacked mint leaf. (Spray with Cocoa Bitters in an atomizer if you have handy which I know is asking a lot, though not necessary.) Tarnished Idol Fizz (Sangre de Don) Angostura 1 oz Yellow Chart 3/4 oz Fesh Pina Juice 1 oz Lime 1/2 oz 2:1 Simple 1/2 oz 3 Heavy dashes of Absinthe Whites Dry Shake Whites & Lime, Add Rest, Dry Shake s'more, Ice, Shake, Strain into Fizz glass, Top w/ 1 oz Soda, Lemon Twist discard Sassy Molassy Cruzan Blackstrap Rum 1 oz Angostura 1/2 oz Pomegranate Molasses 1/2 oz Cinnamon Syrup 1:1 1/2 oz Whole Egg Shake, shake, shake with ice(the bigger the better,) strain over Ice and garnish with nutmeg. And my favorite! D.T.F. (Down To Flip) Angostura 1 oz Gomme Syrup or 2:1 Demerara Syrup +1/2 oz Whole Egg Shake with ice, Strain into collins glass and top with(here's the fun part) equal parts Porter and sparkling wine. Nutmeg won't hurt. The amount of syrup varies with the sweetness of said porter and sparkling wine. I hope that some of you will be able to reproduce at least one of these, they are certainly worth a try. Enjoy! Ciaran Wiese Bar Manager at Scott & Co. and 47 Scott Tucson, AZ
  3. Amazon doesn't do international shipping for this kind of item. It seems I will have to wait 'till someone goes to the US or Europe and try to smuggle some for me Are you looking for a certain brand or does that matter? If you have access to Orange Blossoms, then making Orange Flower Water is quite easy, it's just simple distillation.
  4. I usually use white for my orgeat as well, it was a first for me. I wanted something a little bit rougher than refined sugar, a little darker, unnecessary but, all in the name of change.
  5. After visiting Momofuku Ssam Bar in July, I have been influenced by a dessert I really enjoyed, Beet Lime Goats milk Ganache w/ pistachios. I decided I had to make it into a cocktail. Still don't have a name for it, Beet infused Beefeater 2 oz "Pistacheat" 1 oz Lime 1/2 oz 3 pinches citric acid ( I wanted the tart of goat chz without overwhelming w/ lime) White of 1 egg Dry shake white w/ Lime and Citric Acid, add rest, Ice, Shake, Strain into Fizz Glass and top with 3/4 - 1oz of Seltzer ...and here I thought I was the only one using pistachio syrup, of course not, how ignorant. Damn good stuff, roasted/blanched pistachios with demerara, a pinch of salt, and both orange flwer and rose hydrosols. Smile, Ciaran
  6. "Tell em' the Cap'n Sent You" Fizz Cap'n Crunch Infused(Fat Washed) Rittenhouse Bonded 2 oz 1 egg white Cream 3/4 oz Lemon Juice 1/2 oz 2 Strawberries Strawberry Jam 1 barspoon Dash Cinnamon Syrup Dry shake Egg w/ Lemon, muddle jam and Strawberries w/ Rye and dbl strain into egg white and lemon, add rest. Add Ice, Shake the Bejeezus out of it, Strain into Fizz Glass and top with 1 oz Fizz Water while stirring. Cheers
  7. Not meant as negative but, I'm laughing right now. Right on Avery.
  8. What are you referring to when you speak of the triptych? I'm a dunce.
  9. I guarantee that frozen fruit will loose much of the flavor through the freezing process. I'm simply stating from past experience with frozen fruit, freezing never being a good idea and frankly it's not very ecological (wasting energy to freeze rather than use fresh fruit.) Just being a party shittin Hippy I guess. Canning is always better than freezing in my opinion. And fresh is always better when it comes to cocktails. Cheers, Ciaran
  10. I've been drinking these--occasionally, to be sure, but nonetheless--since the early '90s, when my wife Karen and her friend Melissa Clark (now a famous food writer) used to make them after closing at the Manhattan restaurant where they worked. I think they pried the recipe out of Mr. Boston. In any case, they always made them with more gin and less cassis. The way I do 'em now is with 1 1/2 oz gin, 1 oz vermouth and 1/2 oz cassis, which is pretty much what they used to do. Made thus, it's a rather delightful drink, and nice to have in the repertoire. ← Upon reading Erik's post I immediately thought of the "Gotham" recipe. Not to say that the two drinks are similar but, the French Vermouth/ Cassis combo just said Wondrich to me. Cheers, Ciaran
  11. Aye, swizzles do go down quickly, and that there good sir looks like a damn tasty swizzle.
  12. Blechhh... nice touch with the knife in the background.
  13. Barrio has a few strawberry Tequila drinks and we double infuse our bottles, the result is a more concentrated flavor. It definitely works, give it a try.
  14. Chartreuse and Genever go great together, try the last word with genever. We have the "Dutch Word" on the v.i.p. menu at Barrio, I know it's been called other names just couldn't remember at the time I was writing the menu.
  15. Be aware of one's surroundings when executing the Blue Blazer. Two nights ago on my birthday, I was finishing up my shift behind the stick with a very cocktail enthusiastic crowd. Being that there are only 20 or so cocktail enthusiasts in all of Tucson and most of them were sitting at my bar that evening, I decided to bring out the Blue Blazer to finish the evening. The ingredients were prepared, the lights dimmed, and the match lit. Everything went beautifully, including funny comments such as "Now I'm officially turned on!" Just as I was finishing up, I managed to pour a bit of the Blazer into a small rubbish bin full of paper, thus lighting it on fire. This resulted in me putting both feet into the bin while pulling up my apron and doing a dance ala Lucile Ball. I had been conscientious of my surroundings, performing the drink over the glass sink full of water, though not careful enough, failing to notice the trash directly below me. Needless to say this could have gone horribly wrong resulting in somebody getting hurt. Luckily the night ended in laughs and a very astonished/happy guest, he had already told me that Laphroaig cask strength was his favorite, turning it into a flaming toddy just happened to bring the scotch to a whole new level for him (hope he doesn't burn his house down in trying this at home!)
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