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  1. Per my post on the Mid-City Green Market, once the MCGM gets a little more diversity of crop this fall its something I'm going to experiment with and hopefully fine tune something by Winter time.
  2. Its a tough time for markets in terms of crop, in the next few weeks though, the crops should start rolling in. Virtually all but one vendor have gone out of crop this time of year. In a few weeks the Accardo's from St. James Parish will be back with heirlooms, the Barrileaux's from Cutoff will be back with cucumbers and hot house tomatoes, the Braithwaite citrus a few weeks after that. Also, the organic sprouts guy can make more money during the summer at his landscaping job than he can at the market and he will be back in a few weeks as well. And, starting in October we're having an organic mushroom guy from Mississippi come to the market each week. Its been a fantastic, albeit tough, experience putting together a Farmer's Market, however I'm really excited that the Fall will really "harvest" our hard work this Fall. Stay tuned.
  3. I'm headed over there for lunch on Wednesday, around 12:30 if anyone is in the vicinity...
  4. Finally made it over to the Hong Kong Market on the Best Bank (a haul for me, I assure you). Where has this place been my whole life!!! What an amazing place, amazing produce - things you don't see in NOLA, perhaps the best seafood market in the city and the prices! I picked up about a dozen different oils, sauces, spices, etc that cost me about $20. The bottle of Sesame oil alone would have cost me $20 at Whole Foods. I'll definitely be back.
  5. Has anyone tried the Noodle place next door to the Hong Kong Market on the west bank?
  6. I agree, and I hope he winds up someplace where he can continue to be as creative as he was at The Delachaise.
  7. someone gave me a block of Goat Butter (can't remember the producer) from the Netherlands. 75% of the cheese I eat is from goat's milk so I was surprised I had never had/heard of goat butter. I rendered some and cooked down some sliced portobellos just to see what the flavor was about and I put some on toasted sourdough. I found the flavor to be very mild and oily, not at all pleasant or as decadent as I thought it would be. Anyone have any experience/suggestions with goat butter/ Thanks!
  8. I think they are going to start coming to the Farmer's Market in Mid-City on Thursday Afternoons. They also did these fried boudin balls with a mustard dipping sauce that were out of sight flavor wise, if not a little too mushy texturally (a little too big maybe).
  9. This is sad, as it was the most interesting restaurant in Midtown. lived for a long while dead in the middle of Midtown and found really inspired food to be fleeting, at best. Something great would open and close, or open with great result only to have the chef move on or something else to change. Hopefully for Atlanta this has changed since I have been there. Atlanta always seemed to have flashes of brilliance in Midtown/ViHi, but nothing outside of a few places (Bacchanalia, etc) seemed to stick. Has anything changed?
  10. This weekend's Bayou Boogaloo Festival brought some great food to Mid-City New Orleans, in particular The Cue Truck. A big, purple panel truck outfitted with a kitchen, these guys did some amazing smoked meats this weekend and adorned them with some perfect condiments. First was a 12 hour pulled pork with a red cabbage slaw, also on hand was a 12 hour Roast Beef with a pickled onion slaw. The flavors of the roast beef and onions were best, but the pork with the slaw made for the better "eating whole" sandwich. I know that NOLA is NOT known for great BBQ (or even very good 'cue for that matter) but this was a very admirable effort and one I will seek out again.
  11. Your first mistake. I lived in BR for a few years and can say without prejudice that Albertson's is not a very good place to get seafood from either a value or quality standpoint. I understand what you were shooting for here flavor wise, but considering your proximity to great local seafood wouldn't a trip to Joey's for some crawfish had been a better use of your time and money?
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