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  1. s_hustava


    I just ordered some from King Arthur Flour, as I cannot find it in a store near me.
  2. I get my Cambro at www.surfasonline.com Inexpensive, fast delivery and HUGE selection. Just beware, this place will suck you in a spit you out sans your credit card.
  3. Lindacakes, I agree with you on the whirlypop. I gave them to to all my family and friends over the years. We can't eat any other style of popcorn anymore. After awhile, micro popcorn is unbearable and we can't stand the smell of it. I've turned into a popcorn snob. Very snooty indeed.
  4. s_hustava

    Summer Peach Salad

    As a former southerner and peach lover, I'd eat that every day at lunch with a sweet tea.
  5. I'm going with Barbara and Viva. And NOT with Mr. Lector. But my choice...shredded beef deep fried tacos(X-tra grease) with lots of queso fresca and cold, frosty, icy beer.
  6. McD no longer has caramel? How am I ever going to have a sundae turtle without it? This thread is seriously making me miss my youth.
  7. I'm so glad someone else remembers Pup-n-Taco! All of my local friends don't have a clue what I am talking about.
  8. In Huntington Beach CA, my mom would stop off at this little dive called Pup-n-Taco after a day at the beach. I really loved those tacos. Of course, I was only 5 the last time I went there. When I was older and moved back to the area, they were gone. And I miss the nasty chicken fajitas at McD's with the old picante sauce they used to have. Even when eating them I knew they were foul, yet stangely irrestible. Like my ex-husband.
  9. Homemade deep fried tacos and more Pocky. I was thinking of sprinkling Pocky with a tad of kosher salt because i don't think I have consumed enough sodium to kill an elephant yet. But, I am working on it quite hard.
  10. You have inspired me to make pickles today. I'm just sad that I didn't already have pickles so I could pickle them again. But, I will serve them with pulled pork, red onion slices and homemade squishy rolls. I feel so silly for looking forward to dinner tomorrow.
  11. When your husband brings home 2 pints of blueberries and you get so excited that you do a happy dance. In front of the big picture window. When the neighbors walk by. And I'm wearing my penguin nightgown...and blue facial mask. So I just went with it and said " I really like blueberries." They no longer walk directly in front of my window anymore.
  12. Or it came out of a can? La Choy made--and still does, for all I know--a chop suey "kit," which had two cans of stuff--one with the meat'n'chunks, one with the crispy noodles for garnish. All mom had to supply was the rice. I think I'm remembering this right. Anyway, all I remember about the taste was salt! and tin! And we called the crispy noodles worms! (And, for the record, my mother now makes a delicious Asian style salad with them.) Ugh, I repressed the memory of that crap. My Mother, who is a good woman but cannot cook a thing, loved it. She thought it was a gourmet treat.( her words) I was reminded of the weekend I spent sitting at the table until I finished my plate. Yes, I slept there, but after 2 days, my family gave up and I was left unsoiled by that monstrosity of a meal. I was afraid to try Chinese food for years after that. When I finally had real Chinese food, it was a revelation. I still tremble when I think of those slimy chunks of celery in that vomit sauce. Blech! edit- Sorry, I tried to quote another poster, didn't work out so well.
  13. s_hustava

    Doritos X-13D

    My kids and I tried the Quest chips yesterday. I didn't tell the kids what they were as I was hoping to get a good reaction. Well, they just kept eating them. No reaction at all. My six year old declared that lemonade chips are cool. I think they were just happy that I gave them chips for no reason. Probably could have been poop chips, they would have been just as happy.
  14. Well, silly me. You know what they say when you ASSUME something. No more posting while having a drink for me!
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