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    Dinner 2019

    shain when does one add the chickpeas. i've looked at the recipe several times and i see no mention of the chickpeas except the iniiital soaking. could you please clarify.... thanks
  2. shain your okonomiyaki looks great. could you post the recipe. i would really appreciate trying your version.



  3. i just got an insta pot and now i am looking for a good and informative cook book to rely upon. so far i have narrowed it down to two books 1. hip pressure cooking:fast, fresh, and flavorful by l.d.a. passaglia or 2. the healthy pressure cooker cookbook by j.a. zimmerman could you also give your reason for your choice i find it most difficult to choose from the amazon reviews and i would rather have a personal recommendation from an egulleteer thanks for all your help
  4. we are spending 5 days in october in brooklyn. our place is is in dumbo near cobble hill area. we need some recommendations for dinners not too far away from our home location. ethnic eating is a plus, but good food is a must. we don't want to go into manhattan. tia
  5. i just got a 6 qt ip and now wish i had a good book to join it. are there any recommendation for what book to use for a starter IPette
  6. i gave up on my home subscriptions, but find i still ilike to go over the mags. so i did the next best thing (at least to me), i gave our local library subscriptions to ci, food and wine, and fine cooking. this way i can satisfy my need to read, not accumulate all those magazine (that i usually stockpile) and perform a service to the library and the community of readers. makes me feel good. also i am using the internet more and more and then i store my favorite recipes on "save to nyt cooking"
  7. we are going to spend next week in berlin, germany. we will be living in "mitte" and have access to much public transportation. we are interested in mid-priced restaurants serving good typical german food and/or using local ingredients.would appreciate suggestions fitting that descriptions and any other favorite eating places that people have tried and are willing to comment
  8. my best linzer torte recipe has been one written up in several places. it was attributed to richard stoltzman, clarinetist and wonderful baker. it is my go-to recipe and i highly recommended. do check it out
  9. i would love to have the recipe for your rum and orange cake. it is lovely looking and i bet it is also great to eat.
  10. dave w. love the look of your sourdough wheat boule. could you please post the recipe so i can give it a try. thanks aliénor
  11. on 24 October 2014 - 02:10 AM bethesdabakers wrote a note and posted a worksheet of ingredients for three types of bread. i made the 800gram micks sourdough. it really was wonderful but i think it was too short on salt. i waited thirty minutes after the first mix before adding the 8 grams of salt . i personally think it needs at least 15-16grms salt rather than 8 grams. otherwise the bread went well. took 40 minutes in a preheated gas oven at 410ºF
  12. this is what i made for a potluck bbq tonite. so easy and delicious
  13. aliénor

    Gefilte Fish

    do you think that this recipe of joan nathan's could be halved. i only have 9 or 10 people at our table and so i don't feel like making such a large amount. tia elark
  14. dejah - would love to see your recipe for hot and sour soup. i am just starting a cold and know that the soup will be a good soothing hellp for me. so looking forward to reading all about it tia
  15. anna -that manual slicer you bought for $14.99 is exactly the one we bought when we were living in denmark 1972-73. having three young boys at home it was great to have a manual slicer and not an electric menacing machine. i only wish i could find a replacement blade as mine is getting a bit dull. still good, though for sliceing homemade breads and sausages.
  16. aliénor

    Luchen Kugel

    there is a site in the jewish recipe archive where you can plug in lukshen kugel in the search box and get a large list of many different kinds of kugel-from sweet to savory, etc http://www.jewishfood-list.com/recipes/recipe_index.html good luck
  17. i have been spending three weeks in south korea traveling with my husbnd who is here on business. i haave dicovered hot green tea latte. i is a wonderful drink, tho sometimes a little bit too sweet. i don't know if i can get it upon my return to the usa but if not i will try mlaking it at home. aso have enjoyed the plum tea served at some restaurants after dinner.
  18. my husband and i will be in santa barbara from now till the end of february. we would like some recent recommendations to good restaurants. we like ethnic and traditional cuisines, but we do need some help thanks
  19. i just threw out a bottle of walnut oil and a botle of hazelnut oil. they were both bught for a specific reason and very little was used. i had them in a cool, dark cabinet but when i tasted hem last night-ugh they weren't cheap and if i want to buy any more would someone advise me how to keep them fresh.
  20. twice i went with low cost faucets and both had to be replaced. this last time i went with a franke faucet with a pull out spout and i have very satisfied with it. yes, it was costly but think of all the use you give it. my feelig is buy cheap and replace, so go with the best you can afford- it is realy worth it in the long run. the same goes for countertops we used to have formica beacaues my husband always said it was easy and cheap to replace, so we replaced it four times. now the last replacement is granite and it really is great. it doesnt stain, nothing burns it and so far nothing scratches it. again if you can afford it go for it
  21. when we lived in berlin (for 3 months) we started a life list of german cakes found in the "konditerei". it was a great adventure and we got tried over a dozen different cakes. and then we had to leave...... we still have the list somewhere and if we ever go back to berlin we will continue with this catalog
  22. aliénor

    Hot Chocolate

    when we lived in barcelona we had the most marvelous hot chocolate drink. it was so thick that our churros could stand upright in the cup. does anyone know how it is done? i would love to know surprise my husband with this tasty drink
  23. well, we have been going to nice for the last 9 years and still can't do la merenda. maybe we will try it on our next visit. but i will tell you our nicoise relatives think that its reputation is overblown. we have gone to a wonderful for eating and comfortable for sitting restaurant in fallicon,which is north of the city. it is not too well known outside of the native folks but well worth the visit. also,there are a few morevery good places but at present i can't remember their names, but all are native favorites...
  24. we are in nice every year visiting our son and his family and we have never eaten at la merenda. our reason is--the chairs have no backs. they are just stools. i can't see sitting, eating and enjoying a meal with no back support. does anyone have a comment about this quirk of mine
  25. Tofu brains? What an excellent name, I can't wait to see how you make it. Is it a Japanese of Chinese dish? i am also waiting to see and read about "tofu brains". i really enjoy sauteed brains but can't have them in the house because my husband freaks out if he sees them. this sounds as tho it might be a good substitute. looking forward to the recipe thanks
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