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  1. Theo_Bromine

    Imagine the ultimate burger joint

    Try McDonalds (Formerly McDavid's) in Israel. They are some of the best burgers I have had. The McRoyal is about 5" diameter and at least 3/4' thick. Everything is fresh (most shops are Kosher so no shake with the burger). If you grind top grade meat fresh, where will all the cow ears, butts and faces go?
  2. Theo_Bromine

    Favorite 'Chocolates in a hurry'

    For quick truffles, just make "Dirty Truffles". Make a batch of dark ganache like Kahlua and dont dip them, just roll in equal parts cocoa powder and instant coffee (I like Medaglia D'oro Instant Espresso.) Another fun one is dark ganache with wasabe. Roll in 2 parts cocoa powder and 1 part powdered Ginger. If you have any 23k gold dust mix in some of that for interest. Get creative with the dry coatings, nuts, cocoanut, potaote chip crumbs or black pepper. PS. Put the ganache in a glass 9X9 and put it in the fridge for an hour or so. Then scoop out and roll, coat with powder coating, Done!
  3. Theo_Bromine

    Listening to Sounds in Cooking

    When the smoke alarm goes off!
  4. Theo_Bromine

    Display refrigerators

    Hey Illana, I just joined up here. How did your frige issue get resolved? I was tracking infor on Marcolini and saw this shot of his "NEW YORK BOUTIQUE". Not the coolers built into the back wall. William
  5. Theo_Bromine

    Why Jews Like Chinese Food

    Remember Bible School? They wandered around in the deasert 40 years. We just were not told that they were looking for good Chinese.