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  1. Hi, I'm an architect researching spaces and buildings related to food consumption and production, and am currently in Barcelona and later Madrid, for a week each. Can anyone reccomend a range of high and low endemic restaurants types in and around these two cities you think are worth visitng for their architecture/design as well as traditional cuisine/practices?
  2. Hi, I am a recent architecture graduate from Cornell University and have won a travelling fellowship to experience food related architecture and design in the US, Japan, France, and Spain. I am primarily investigating traditional and contemporary diner interfaces in restaurants of all levels in these different cultures. However, I am not only looking at restaurants but also other spaces related to the production and preparation of food, such as agricultural structures and markets. I am spending the next 3 weeks in France, with the first 2 weeks primarily in Paris. I was hoping the readers of this forum could suggest some people and/or places you think I should investigate during my time in France for their surviving traditional character or innovative technology in terms of design and architecture related to food. To get a since of some my work and my travels in the US I invite you to visit my website www.hughhayden.com (caution...its slow to download) Cheers, Hugh
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