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  1. Didn't it close in November? ← A visit to its website http://www.seafoodexperience.com/ suggests it is indeed closed. The web address is currently being used by a blogger. ← no its was closed but has reopened, the website is under constuction
  2. brighton could definalty surport a starred resturant, it does not need to be expensive to be starred just look at arbutus its an amazing resturant and has held its star for 2 years. for a recommendation i would say try the "seafood experiance" in shoreham its a bit of a drive but well worth it. the chef thewre has worked at some really good joints before this.
  3. Try drakes in ripley, it is the best resturant in that area by far
  4. msk have all the ingredients you need and alot of the tools now as well
  5. hav ejust been onto amazon uk and the big fat duck book is on fro £75 pound pre order, alinea is £38 pre order. both look brilliant. but wonder if they will be about as much use as the elbulli book whick is really hard to work from. any thoughts
  6. having gone to maze last summer and between myself and the other chef i was with tried 3/4 of the then tasting menu, i thought the cooking was supurb and the wait staff just as good knowledgeable and helpful but they also seemed to be enjoying themselves which is nice to see in a restaurant of this calibre, the highlight of my meal was deffinatly the truffled swede veloute with brasied duck leg, cep brioche. we also had the :- BLT. Cornish crab mayo with avocado, sweetcorn sorbet and oscietra caviar. foie gras marinated in pinot noir caramel, smoked ham hock and piccalilli. roasted sea scallops, pea purre, quail egg & bacon roasted rack of lamb, with braised shoulder & four onions braised sufflock pork belly, spiced lentils, confit baby leek & smoked paprika salt monkfish, dehydrated black olives, bouillbaisse & fennel pollen duart salmon, squid paint, micro squid, kentish peas & maple roasted chicken skin roasted cornish red mullet, candied aubergine, basil & english asparugus vinaigrette Pain Au Chocolat’ chocolate ganache with café latte sorbet & milk mousse Chocolate Moelleux, pistachio sabayon with milk & honey ice cream Selection of British cheeses this was one of the best meals i have ever eaten and as im going back there next monday wondered if anyone has been recently and if the is and dishes that stood out so i make sure i dont mish them
  7. Thanks offcentre I will definitely try out your recommendation for greengrocers, presently I am shopping at the Waitrose and also Taj. Despite Taj being impressive initially I have found the fresh produce not really that great, what do you think? Some of the fruit and veg looks a little tired in my opinion. Otellos foodhall is the same in that you think initially that it is great until you get home and try their fruit/veg. I have already discovered Canhams, which is fantastic although I have yet to try the real patisserie for bread so thanks for that. ← have u tried bills grocery store yet
  8. have been to arbutus just about everytime i have been to london for the last 8 months, i think it is the best resturant a showcasing lesser used ingredients but the only way this is possiable is the skill in which antony and his brigade work, the squid and mackerel is one of the best starters i hace ever had clean precise and above all tasty.
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