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  1. food1: that little bit of javascript on your homepage that flashes new images happens too quickly, in my opinion.. barely had a chance to figure out what was in the picture before it flashed and changed. And the "flash" effect is kind of "bright" and sudden. But the food sounds amazing. Shame I'm too far away..
  2. Reading has a semi-decent bistro type place called the London Street Brasserie that overlooks the canal that goes through the town centre. It's peaceful and pretty compared to the rest of the town. I would imagine you can find a table at short notice. http://www.londonstbrasserie.co.uk/ There's also Forbury's which does classical French fare, but is probably a touch more expensive. There was a write up of it on this forum somewhere but I can't find it with a quick glance.
  3. I believe the birthplace/hometowns of the chefs, rather than the locations of their restaurants, contribute to which region they represent. Hence Alan Murchison representing Scotland whilst running a restaurant in Berkshire.. I think this was the case with Angela Hartnett last year. Restaurant in London, hometown in Wales.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00fvfmf Looks like a one off show. If you don't count the half a dozen repeats. Edited to fix my inane typo.
  5. Think steak and kidney pie, spotted dick... Is there anywhere in LA or Orange county that serves this kind of traditional British food? A pub maybe.. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have any brand recommendations for a fish knife set thing with some form of sharpener? Or just a filleting knife and sharpening set? Cheers.
  7. For anyone who has experienced Number 16 in Glasgow, is there a similar restaurant in terms of the food in Oxford/Reading/London? Thanks, Matthew
  8. What about Edinburgh? It's not expensive to get to, it has a lot of nice places, it's a beautiful city, it would satisfy the seafood requirement easily.. As an inhabitant of Berkshire it doesn't seem as nice as the posters above suggest, maybe I'm biased though.
  9. Nail gun from the original Quake (keyboard shortcut 5, geeky that I remember that) - painful, but not in one large dose. I can't see much appeal for a game where you can cook for Gordon Ramsay. That's way too much "media" coverage for one man.
  10. A friend of mine had veal at Plane Food and said it was good but not spectacular.
  11. Wonderful article, I enjoyed reading that. Describing oysters reminds of a phrase that will always stick in my mind; "the English poet said it best: there were more preposterous vicissitudes in life than a single philosophy could conjure" - seems apt.
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