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  1. I am enjoying this years Celebration ale, but unfortunitly I did not take notes on last years so I am not sure if they changed it or not. Also for anyone in cincinatti area the comet is having a rotating tap beer tasting tonight and tomorrow (last night as well) that I will be hitting up for a couple of hours tonight. I heard they had the bourben barrel aged bells cream and expidition blend up last night that was suppose to be excellent. I will be wearing a University of texas beenie if any of you happen to stop by please say hi.
  2. mmm, I love the samuel smiths oatmeal stout that is a great beer.
  3. Don't know if it is what you are looking for, but I have had a Avacado margaritta in Austin which was excellent. It tasted mostly like avacado, lime juice, cilantro and tequilla.
  4. On that note a guilty winter pleasure that I always enjoy hot chocolate mixed with a little red pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a generous shot of tequila.... people I tell this too make faces at least the ones who have not tried it.
  5. I don't know Laruen's quote in her mini bio really annoys me and makes me want to loose, but I agree that Patrick will not last long. Over all the competition looks pretty strong.
  6. If you like pumpkin beers try either dog fish head or scharfly both have more malt beer flavor, but with a little spice. Two of the best I have found this season and what I have been drinking the past two weeks.
  7. Gfron don't know if it is too late or not, but the Pleasant Hill Grain site mentioned earlier has several returned models of the electrolux mixed on there clearnce page these come with the full warenty as well. They are still outside my current price range, but then again this range is infunced by the fact that my POS (sounds like a lawn mower but has out lived my KA) kenmore stand mixer is functioning no matter how thick of bread I make in it. I can not bring my self to replace it till it dies no matter how much my girlfriend complains when it is running. Not that I can hear her complainin
  8. I do a breakfast burrito with shreaded chicken and mango cilantro jalapano lime sasla, guess it is more a taco since I dont like eggs in it.... that is just me though something about the combonatino of scrambles eggs and mangos bugs me (texture not taste wise) A though on the blueberries those would be really good with rosemary pork sausage, both these could have a rice and bean filler possibly even eggs with the blueberries which I have never tried. I also like Pats idea, the salmon scramble that sounds really good. The serrano and manchego sounds good as well.
  9. For me exercise is one of the biggest factors, and I have found if my only TV in the house is in front of the treadmill it actually make me excited to work out so I can catch up on all the shows I like to watch. It is rather amusing that I use to hate to get on that thing now I actively plan for it so I can watch the show that everyone has been talking about. The only other thing for me is taking my lunch to work every day... I know it is not easy, but I getting a nice sandwich with fresh tomato and meat instead of a crappy fast food burger is well worth it, plus it saves me money which is al
  10. jonnyCinco

    Infused oil

    I like to make pepper oil and basil oil for adding a little flavor to dishes with out a trip to get things from the store. Few notes for the pepper oil I like to roast the died peppers in the oven for a minute or two before soaking them in the oil. for the basil (or any herb for that matter) DRY it first if you dont the moisture in it will breed bactiria in the oil and cause it to go rancid... learned from experiance here. other then that you can either blen the ingredents together and get infusion in a day or two or leave them whole and have them look good but take a couple of weeks to inf
  11. Not up to the standards of some here, but I was working with this really annoying girl who always skipped out on half $$$ing her closing duties. So one night when we were closing I told her I needed her to drain the water out of the coffee machine (the type with the hot water spigot on the front). Now keep in mind that this thing is connected to the water supply and is only about a foot tall. 10 minutes later I can back and she was filling up her second 5 gallon bucket of water (which was bigger then the coffee machine) and whining about how long it was taking. The confused expersion on h
  12. I have two that I remember well. When I worked in a Baskins Robbins ice cream that ike Tracey had the soda machine you could seperate the syurp from the carbinatin made root beer milk shakes Second I waited tables in a chain seafood restuarnt and the one perc is once a week one of the hispanic cooks would make this mexican crab and fish soup that was to die for. I still dont know how he talked the manager in to letting him use the crab legs in it but is was by far the best thing that place served and the custemers never got a drop.
  13. Thanks slkinsey I appreciate the help I will try starting this tonight. Also the thread you linked me to was exactly what I needed, I just missed it not knowing the terms to search for.
  14. Ah, I guess I am confused as to where the wild yeast comes from. I had read on using honey, grapes and raisins to provide the base, and figured that you were cultivating the yeast from them for your sponge. You are saying though that the yeast is coming from another source, and that I could just start using flour and water? Thanks for the time in helping me understand this
  15. Thanks for the quick reply. I will give it a go this weekend.
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