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  1. xiaobao12

    Best Method for Mint Infusion

    This is a very interesting topic. I tried this: http://www.starchefs.com/cook/videos/one-minute-infusions I tasted the SS after infusion and I didn't get a bunch of mint flavor like I was expecting but when I made her Mint Julep, I tasted mint notes but my testers didn't! Any thoughts? I know this is an old thread....but I want to revive it because I love my .5 L isi whipper!
  2. xiaobao12

    Wok burner advice needed

    Hi all, Thanks for sharing all your thoughts on this. Chris, on the Eastman, are you able to flip and toss? It looks like the structure is not as stable and solid as: http://www.wokshop.com/HTML/products/steamers/stove_32000.html I need to be able flip my flip constantly. Thank you!
  3. thanks for the responses. hzrt, although I do think that using a skillet gives me more surface area to play with, I have to use a lot more oil than if I were to use a wok. I guess this is the trade off right?
  4. hzrt, I am blown away by your skills. How do you brown all that meat without burning it in that seemingly thin-bottom pan? Is the heat on high???
  5. hey all, I have never seen cardamom leaves. Is it a crucial ingredient? Could a few bay leaves be a good subsitute? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AWESOME eGCI - it got my juices flowing and recently, I watched this on Youtube....the cuisine is just so awesome.
  6. xiaobao12

    expert advice needed: salmon for nigiri

    Thank you for posting that very informative article Paul. So....I just bought a beautiful fillet of salmon from Costco - can I freeze it for 7 days in my regular fridge and eat it raw? BTW, my first post but I have been an avid reader of this wonderful website. =)