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  1. https://www.breville.com/ca/en/parts-accessories/accessories/bfp0050nuc1.html
  2. Nice try. Thank you but I see it's $180 in Canada plus you have to buy something called a compatability kit. I'll just let John continue to do the chopping, a job I dislike doing. The Vidalia chopper looks interesting plus it's more in line with what I might spend. Does anyone on this thread other than @Shel_B have one?
  3. Are things like potatoes and squash easy to cube with it?
  4. I have the Sous Chef 16, not the Paradice 16.
  5. I have the Breville Sous Chef 16. I wonder if they will come our with chopping blades that will fit it?
  6. I saw a recipe resembling this but I loathe evapourated milk so I passed it over. But, I'm saving the recipe and I'll look into subs for evapourated milk. Condensed maybe? @Smithy i made up a batch of strawberry posset using gelatin and 10% cream. I meant to buy 18% cream but I forgot. We'll see how it turns out. There is a Mexican grocery store not far from here and they sell various fruit purees like these that I have in the freezer at the moment. I also have a puree of the same brand called winter Tree/Tomato, does anyone know what that i?
  7. I want to make posset for dessert. Everything I've seen calls for whipping cream. I would like to make a lower (not low) calorie version and wonder if I could use, say, 18% cream I stead of 35%? I imagine it would not set as well as using 35% cream so can I thicken it with the addition of cornstarch?
  8. Why are those particular fruits not allowed in the hotel?
  9. They are still being sold in Canada.
  10. Well, I dunno. I'm on my third, having had the original and two replacements under warranty. It seems the APO's are still having the same problems they've always had which tells me they aren't fixing the problems. If I didn't have one, I wouldn't buy one.
  11. The Kindle edition of Jacques Pépin's Heart and Soul in the Kitchen is available today for $1.99 from both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com
  12. Top right of your first photo - is that a cat salt cellar?
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