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  1. ElsieD

    Dinner 2019

    Oh Lordy, @Ann_T I would surely like some of that!
  2. Some folks are just more special than others.😆
  3. We stopped at the Cuisinart Walk - In Service Centre and they exchanged my CSO and gave me a brand new one. So, I am a happy camper. Edited to add: I had written to them last Sunday and they replied to my email today asking for proof of purchase. Kinda slow.
  4. ElsieD

    Hello everyone.

    Welcome to the forum.
  5. I've never taken the temperature. I just know it comes out the way I like it. I'll be watching to see what others say in case I've been doing it wrong.
  6. It' a good book. I have the original.
  7. Nice buy. Is the clamp adjustable?
  8. I wrote to them Sunday and got an automated message back essentially saying I was in the queue and someone would get back to me. No one did, or maybe is is a veeeeerrrrrrrry long queue, so I called them today. I was told to being it and my receipt to the service centre and they will exchange it. @Kerry Beal did they give you any grief? What I am concerned about us that it doesn't make that grinding noise all the time and if they turn it on and don't hear it, they may not exchange it.
  9. @PositiveMD I have not had any trouble.
  10. ElsieD

    Dinner 2019

    @liamsaunt Is the apple/muffin cakes recipe on-line or otherwise available? I love apple anything and these look really good.
  11. Looks like it's about 5 km. off the 407. I just wrote to them so we'll see what they say. It doesn't make that noise all the time but I fear it is the beginning of the end for the little guy.
  12. Dumb question. I assume you shipped the CSO back in the box the new one came in?
  13. Is that in Woodbridge? If it is, is it far off the 407? We are going to Burlington next weekend.